tips for effective weight gain

10 tips for effective weight gain

First of all, there are several reasons for the decision to gain weight. For some, it is a matter of regaining the pounds lost as a result of illness or a long period of stress. For others, it may be motivated by the desire to feel good about themselves. It is possible to gain weight healthily. Follow the tips and tricks below to get fatter! They may prove useful.

1- Set a reasonable and realistic goal to reach

Gaining weight requires setting clear goals. A few grams per week may be enough to achieve the desired results. If you gain weight too quickly, it will be harmful to your body. Be patient! Sudden weight gain can cause abdominal pain. Also, making an appointment with a nutritionist is essential. His advice will allow you to have a plan and a healthy lifestyle according to your goals.

2- Take snacks throughout the day

Depending on your activity, taking high-calorie snacks during the day is important. For example, bring a snack to the office or to your relaxation areas to ensure that you have energy and calories for the whole day.

3- Increase energy-dense foods during meals!

To be healthy, you have to eat well. Any dietitian will tell you that. It is necessary when you want to gain weight. To do this, he will advise you to avoid eating the same foods and to favor rich and varied meals. With foods with high energy density (wholemeal foods, pasta, dried fruit…) you are guaranteed to have a high dose of calories.

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4- During meals, try to take larger quantities!

At each meal, keep your goal in mind: gain a few pounds. Therefore, when you eat, make sure that you take in larger quantities than you do every day.

5- Consume food on larger plates than usual!

Adopt a lifestyle that meets your expectations! Eating larger quantities may require eating on larger plates. Therefore, in addition to worrying about the contents of your plates, also make sure that they can hold food in large quantities!

6- Eat at least 3 meals a day

Regardless of your age or gender, it is helpful to eat at least three meals a day, not forgetting one. The body’s balance and nutrient intake depend on it. Remember that each meal plays a specific role in your body.

7- Eat more meals with friends or family!

Adapt your moments of relaxation to your eating habits! Indeed, an organized meal with friends or family members is a good opportunity to eat more than usual.

8- If you smoke, reduce your consumption!

Cigarettes are not good for your health. Also, consuming products rich in nicotine reduces your appetite. Lack of appetite results from the appetite suppressant effect of nicotine on the body.

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9- Exercise!

Practicing a physical activity adapted to your person can help you put on more weight. So why not join a gym? A few exercises a day will adjust your silhouette. You will gain muscle mass.


10- Relax…

Stress can cause you to lose calories. On the other hand, relaxing will help you healthily gain weight. This is one of the tips for gaining weight that will determine whether or not you will achieve your goal. Therefore, allowing yourself a few moments of relaxation, alone or with loved ones, is a simple and practical way to reasonably increase your body mass.