flat and firm belly - 2023

5 exercises for flat and firm belly

Losing belly fat is certainly one of the most famous needs. The belly is an area that get big easily and is visible. It is one of the most unloved fatty areas but don’t panic, some people exercise their thighs first. You tell yourself that this has nothing to do with the belly: how can you lose belly without working this area directly?

This exercise, especially if it’s about suds to get a flat belly are very effective and allows you to get back in shape but above all a nice firm belly.


Squats work the buttocks and squats, with the legs apart, which allows you to lose weight efficiently. Indeed, this movement will increase your metabolism and in doing so, gradually eliminate fat all over the body. Including the belly.
❯ Do between 20 and 50 repetitions per session, depending on your sports habit.

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This is one of the most effective and fearsome flat stomach exercises. It consists in performing a series of movements, quite fast, that will accelerate your metabolism and target your stomach: start from a standing position, crouch down and then get down on your stomach before straightening up in a quick jump.
This exercise is part of the cardio range and is therefore very good for fat. In addition to burning fat at the moment, cardio has an impact on your body for a few minutes after the exercise.
❯ Repeat the movement a minimum of 20 times for optimal efficiency.


To flatten stomachs, crunch is also a fearsome option. They target the abdominal muscles. Lying down, legs up, hands behind your head, you make contraction movements by straightening your bust, to make your stomach work.
On the contrary to the previous exercises, this one only works the belly, and not the whole body. This is not cardio. Nevertheless, to effectively lose the stomach, it is preferable to combine the two types of exercise. This will allow you to lose weight faster and, above all, to build up your entire body.
❯ Depending on your level, repeat the movement in series of 20 movements, twice a day, or 50 movements.

The bridge

This is an exercise that works your stomach and legs. In a lying position, with your legs raised on tiptoes, you straighten your stomach to bridge your body.
This exercise works the oblique abdominals, on the sides, while the crunch targets the long straights. Alternating the exercises to work all the abs is important to strengthen and firm up your tummy.
❯ Here, perform a series of 50 movements, just like the crunch.


This is one of the most difficult exercises for having a flat belly, although it is “passive”, meaning that it does not require movement. By leaning on your forearms, with your back straight and stretched out, and your legs straight, you hold the position for a minimum of 30 seconds – for beginners.
The more experienced can increase the time of the position. For this exercise, all your abdominal muscles will work together to help you hold the position: obliques, transverses, and long straights. This exercise is certainly one of the most complete. It is nevertheless very complex, because the weight of your body rests almost entirely on your abdominal muscles, making them work to the maximum.

To lose a tummy, it is essential to combine cardio – to quickly eliminate fat, the best solution is to increase the metabolism and abdominal muscles. You can, therefore, carry out your sessions by alternating these exercises to achieve a flat stomach. For greater efficiency, don’t forget to stretch before and after each session, to prepare your muscles for the effort, then to relax them. This will make you more flexible.

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