Alexandrite properties

Alexandrite properties

Alexandrite in its transparent gem quality has an optical characteristic of changing colour from green to pink depending on the type of light passing through it, under synthetic lighting or daylight, where its colour tones can be perceived to change significantly. This rare stone belongs to the category of chrysoberyl and is found in Russia, Burma and Brazil, among others.

Virtues of alexandrite on the emotional and spiritual:

It has energetic properties that promote compassion, it will help to be kind to others without expecting anything in return. Alexandrite will bring strength in stressful situations, a better emotional stability. This mineral helps to gain confidence in one’s self-worth and thus will bring more joy, less stress and more compassion.

Actions on the physical:

In lithotherapy alexandrite is used to fight against the insufficiencies of the heart and the disorders of the myocardium, to bring more blood irrigation to the brain.

Purification and recharging :

At the end of a moment the stone gave all the energy that it could, one can purify it energetically by plunging it several hours in demineralized water possibly slightly salted. For more efficiency one can then charge it in the sun or in natural light or deposit the alexandrite on a large rock crystal.

Lithotherapy is part of alternative energy therapies, it does not replace so-called modern medicine. The indications and properties given are drawn from feedback from users, cultures, and reference books in the field. For any medical problem, please consult your doctor.