Andalusite chiastolite properties

Andalusite chiastolite properties

The Andalusite takes its name from Andalusia, the region in southern Spain where it was first found and recorded, it is also called Chiastolite. It is a brown and black stone sometimes pinkish or slightly yellow. It has a peculiar crystallization that shows black crosses on a brown background. One finds it most in Spain, Brazil and Chile.

Virtues of andalusite on the emotional and spiritual:

It is a stone of balance in the material and the spiritual, but also at the level of difficult choices, it will help to make the right choices to go in the right direction. In lithotherapy it helps to make decisions at important crossroads of our life and to fight against the fears that prevent us from moving forward. It can be used in meditation to encourage stable astral journeys, or to reflect on one’s future.

Actions on the physical :

It is believed to have properties that reduce gastric acidity, it helps reduce gout, and it relieves rheumatism.

Purification and recharging :

At the end of a moment the stone gave all the energy it could, one can purify it energetically by plunging it several hours in demineralized water possibly slightly salted. It can thus be deposited on coarse salt to purify it, increase its capacities by charging it more by placing it in the sun or on a heap of rock crystal.

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