Aragonite properties

Aragonite properties

Aragonite generally strengthens the body’s bones, it is favourable for growth and in case of bone fragility. The name is derived from the geographical locality of discovery, Molina de Arag√≥n in Spain.

Brown Aragonite virtues:

Green aragonite properties:The brown aragonite because of its deep connection to the earth and structures will have a favourable influence on bones and teeth. It will help in recalcification, the stone will decrease the recovery time of fractures, it could also promote an improvement of the intervertebral discs during disc herniations. This stone fights against impatience and demands. On the spiritual level, brown aragonite can help during a work on oneself related to childhood, it also regulates hypersensitive people.

the green aragonite is not very used, it would have a more marked action on the recalcification and the fortification of the dentition.

Aragonite blue use:

The copper in aragonite gives it a bluish tint, this stone purifies the energetic bodies and rebalances the male and female ratio. It favours the spiritual mink, it restores optimism, inspiration and appeasement. One can use it to heal his inner child. The blue aragonite relieves the respiratory system and reduces spasms or tocs.

Purification and recharging :

At the end of a moment the stone has given all the energy it could, one can purify it energetically by plunging it several hours in demineralized water avoiding salt. For more efficiency it can then be charged in the sun or in natural light.

Astrological signs:

Aragonite has a predisposition to help more the signs of lions, virgins, capricorns, bulls.

Lithotherapy is part of alternative energy therapies, it does not replace so-called modern medicine, the indications given are drawn from feedback from users, cultures, and reference books in the field. For any medical problem please consult your doctor.

Mineralogy :

Colours of the mineral: Aragonite can be colourless, white-grey to pale yellow or shades of blue, green, violet or red.
Its chemical composition is calcium carbonate CaCO3 (with traces of Sr, Pb and Zn).
Its crystallization is orthorhombic.
Aragonite is the stable polymorph at high temperature and high pressure of calcium carbonate.
Its hardness is 3.7 on the mohs scale.
Its density is about 2.95.
The mineral comes mainly from Spain, Morocco, the United States.
Aragonite can be found in specialized shops in its raw or polished state, cut, made into pendants, bracelets, necklaces.

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