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How to get bigger butt in 30 days?

The muscles of the buttocks are particularly solicited during more or less intense efforts. They are important for the strength and power of the body. Targeted training around the gluteal muscles helps to tone them and improve your figure. What exercises are needed to sculpt the buttocks quickly?

What are the muscles that make up the buttocks?

  • The gluteus maximus, also known as the gluteus maximus, the gluteus maximus, placed on the outer part of the buttocks, is both the most powerful and the largest muscle in the body.
  • The gluteus medius, also known as the “gluteus medius” or “gluteus medius”, helps to shape the buttocks.
  • Small gluteus minimus, it works in synergy with the middle gluteus.

A multitude of physical exercises allows you to work on your buttocks to strengthen their tone and increase their volume.

Muscle your buttocks: what physical exercises are necessary?

Exercises to work on the buttocks may depend on the type of buttock. For example, flat peaches, apples, pears, cherries, and others can be distinguished.

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Here are six exercises, and a few variations, to practice regularly to strengthen your buttocks. It is essential to warm up before each session to avoid pain. It is also important to adapt the number of series to your level and to respect the recovery times.

Depending on the type of buttocks, here are some exercises to practice:


At least 30 minutes of brisk walking per day is recommended. Walking allows you to sculpt your buttocks easily but also to work all the lower muscles. Walk instead of taking the transport, take the stairs instead of the lift.


In standing position, legs slightly apart, this exercise consists of bending your legs and then coming back to your initial position to curve your buttocks. Inhale while bending, exhale while rising.
❯ Do 3 series of 20 squats, each spaced by 1 minute of rest.


To do this exercise to work your buttocks, bring a broom. Place it behind your head at the shoulder level. Legs slightly apart, move one leg forward, bend your knees while breathing in, and then return to your initial position while breathing out.
❯ Do 3 series of 20 bends for each leg and space them out for every 1 minute of rest

Bulgarian squats

Halfway between lunge and squat, this exercise allows you to work your buttocks very efficiently. Raise one leg on a bench and bend the other as you exhale. Breathe in and return to the initial position.
❯ Do 3 sets of 20 bends for each leg and space out the sets by 1 minute of rest

The Donkey Kicks

It’s about working on the hip extension to shape her buttocks. Get down on all fours. Bend one leg as you exhale and then bring it back to the initial position.
A variation is to repeat this standing exercise. Place your hands on the back of a chair. Legs slightly apart, lift one leg back as you exhale. Breathe in and return to the original position.
❯ Do 3 sets of 20 bends for each leg. Space the sets by 1 minute of rest

The Hip Thrusts

This exercise to strengthen the buttocks consists of raising the pelvis. Lie on your back, legs bent, feet, and hands flat. Raise the pelvis as high as possible while exhaling and return to the initial position while inhaling. Your buttocks should only touch the ground.
Vary the exercise by bending one leg and placing the calf of the other leg on the bent one.
❯ Do 3 sets of 20 bends, 1 minute apart with 1-minute rest

Each session must be followed by a rest period. Sculpting your buttocks requires time and perseverance. By practicing these exercises regularly and adopting a good diet, you will quickly benefit from the results of your efforts.

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