cheat meal

Why have a cheat meal?

A new way to lose weight by eating is now possible!

The cheat meal, also known as a “cheat meal”, does not stop you from slimming down. It’s a hearty meal that people on restrictive diets very often offer themselves after a few days of deprivation. It is possible to treat yourself by being on food abstinence and keep your figure in shape. By following a few recommendations, this meal is considered a useful break during a strict and severe cure.

The risks of a too strict food deprivation

A very restrictive diet is not without risks for the organism. People who practice excessive diets are exposed to two main symptoms: lack of energy and fatigue. The first case can be explained by the fact that the body consumes very little food when a single food does not form the basis of its diet. The second case is only a consequence of the first. Certain diets often propose to those who want to lose weight a method of slimming based essentially on the consumption of a single food or food group. In this way, the individual’s diet is completely unbalanced. As a result, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, which can lead to multiple painful discomforts, are inevitable. And if the cure is spread over a long period, bones and muscles weaken. Then heart rhythm problems appear. In addition to this poor picture, there is also the risk of depression and bad eating habits.

Health benefits of cheat meals

The cheat meal is mainly eaten when there is a severe caloric restriction for a few days. This meal helps to avoid hypoglycemia. By following a diet, with the addition of intense physical activity, the body weakens. The sugar level, the body’s main source of energy, is low. Fatigue and starvation can be symptoms. The extra calories provided by a good meal help to keep the reserves that can provide enough energy to continue the diet. These extra calories also boost the body’s metabolism.

A meal where you need to be surrounded

When taking a food break, it is important to plan for your favorite dish by setting the day of the week when it will be eaten. This can be done during an outing with friends or family, once a week, especially on Sunday. This is an advantage that can help you have a tidy social life. Your loved ones help you to hold on and build yourself up to better. You need them to feel that you are not alone in your struggle, your thoughts, your plans, and your feelings. Friendly relationships boost your self-confidence.

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The cheat meal: a break meal to stay motivated

After a great weekly effort, a spring break meal is a reward. It’s a good way to lose weight freely without depriving yourself of your sweet sin. After a good training session, this meal gives punch and recharges the battery immediately after consumption. The ideal would be to keep taking this meal in the evening to avoid the temptations of the day. Persevere in your physical efforts while enjoying a meal! It is happiness shared by gourmets.