How can cheese help you gain weight?

How can cheese help you gain weight?

Eating well is an essential requirement for good health and feeling good about ourselves. Being a high-calorie food, cheese can help you gain weight. Bleu d’Auvergne, Emmental, Gouda, Brie… treats that are no longer new to our taste buds. All these cheeses are good for us and our well-being, provided they are eaten properly. A balanced diet is essential.

Cheese can help you put on weight: on what principle?

Leanness is often a source of complexes and can have adverse health effects, including anorexia. For people affected by this problem, finding the solution to have a normal BMI, i.e. above 18.5, has become a priority. Cheese is one of the foods that can contribute to the proper development of body mass. Regardless of the type and method of preparation – cooked, raw, dry, fresh, or soft milk – cheese is always among the most caloric foods. The fattest contains more than 431 kcal for just 100 g. It is the fat content that defines the caloric index of cheese. Cheeses such as Parmesan and Cheddar are therefore the most caloric. They are the fattiest because they are prepared in a “pressed-baked” way, a preparation technique also called “hard cheese”. In general, these cheeses contain less water than others. They are also characterized by their high calcium content.

When to eat cheese to ensure effective weight gain?

A weight gain in a short time is ideal for many people who have a problem with thinness. According to studies in chrono-nutrition, the evening is the best time to eat cheese if you want to gain weight effectively. You are not advised to eat cheese during the day, however, you will eliminate the calories as quickly as you take them in. In fact, because of your efforts, you will burn calories. The body expends less energy in the evening. This allows the body to store more fat. The calories swallowed in the evening are therefore not spent and are, on the contrary, converted into fat. Cheese is therefore a food to gain weight quickly.

Ideally, the daily amount of cheese recommended by nutritionists to gain a little weight is between 40 and 50 g. To overdo it would be a mistake on your part, as it could lead to other health concerns. Do you like cheese and want to gain more weight? Why not add a little Parmesan, Gruyere or cheddar cheese to your dishes?

For people who are lactose intolerant but still want to gain weight without using a medication, there are also lactose-free cheeses available. They are less calorific than others, but in the end, they can only do you good.

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