Do men prefer thin women?

Many studies suggest that our body mass index (BMI) preferences are determined by the influence of certain factors. These include genetic, cultural and psychological factors, with a tendency for men towards a slim ideal woman. Why do men prefer thin women? Is it a natural attractiveness? Is there a science of beauty?

Men and their feminine morphological ideals

A sociological survey was carried out on this subject by INED in 2007 in 13 countries on 4 continents. According to this survey, the representation of a female morphological ideal differs according to the nationality of the participants and the respective body standards (BMI) in each country.

The BMI recommended by the World Health Organization is a measure with a simple formula. Indeed, BMI = Weight/height m2. It makes it possible to classify the various human corpulences and to evaluate the risks of obesity and weight-related pathologies.
A BMI considered as a normal corpulence is between 18.5 and 25, higher than 25, the individual is overweight. When it is above 30 the BMI defines obesity and above 40 the BMI indicates morbid obesity.

This survey shows that, in general, the lower the average female corpulence index in a country, the more desirable slim figures are for men.

In South Korea, whose average BMI is one of the lowest for women, the majority of participants say they are seduced by the profile of a very thin woman.

In contrast, New Zealand has the highest body mass index of the 13 countries studied. It shows a preference for large and very corpulent female figures.

And yet, out of the 13 given countries, 9 (including France), have valued female thinness.

Men like slim women, so how can this phenomenon be explained?

Why do men like thin women?

Men are very sensitive to a woman’s physical appearance. They are attracted by certain characteristics and proportions of the body, at first glance. According to a survey circulated by the Daily Mail, a majority of men are first seduced by a woman’s eyes and smile. Following this classification, we find the breasts, weight, legs, buttocks, waist, and finally the skin.

Some researchers, including Professor John Speakman, refer to unconscious and instinctive reflexes developed through the evolution of the human species. Indeed, the thin woman represents youth, a healthy lifestyle and fertility. Consequently, they are instinctively attractive. As Professor Speakman explains, survival and the ability to reproduce would be written into the codes of evolution. Female thinness is considered an almost universal criterion of beauty.

In contrast to the diktats of thinness in the fashion world and its media influence, a recent study by the University of Texas, after analysis and collation of data, reveals a natural and instinctive attraction by the majority of men around the world for plump, generous women. Gentlemen appreciate women with round or plump shapes. They consider this to be the ideal female morphology and a more natural beauty

Men and the feminine ideal: all tastes are in nature

Finally, whatever the feminine morphology, be it: pulpy, slim, sporty or round, the difference cultivates the charm of each one. The canons of beauty are above all subjective.

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