anti-cellulite suction cup work

Does the anti-cellulite suction cup work

Are you also fed up with that damn cellulite? Summer is fast approaching and you don’t want to put yourself in a bathing suit in front of everyone because of your orange peel skin. You’ve already tried creams, massages and all sorts of things without much success or, due to lack of time and motivation, you’ve given up. However, eliminating cellulite can be very easy if you know the right methods… So, the anti-cellulite suction cup, do you know it?

Where does the principle of the anti-cellulite suction cup come from?

The anti-cellulite suction cup reproduces the massage of palpating-rolling. The palpating-rolling is THE best technique to eliminate cellulite durably and effectively! This massage technique drains excess water and fat from the adipose cells. Thus, you will destroy in-depth the fat clusters responsible for cellulite and regain a smoother and clearer skin.

Palpating-rolling massages are recognized by beauty professionals as the most effective method of saying goodbye to dimples. These massages can be practiced by professionals, in beauty salons or institutes in particular. However, they are often overpriced and very complicated to reproduce. To remedy this, there are small suction cups made of medical silicone to fight against cellulite. They make it possible to reproduce the palpate-roll simply at home. Practiced every day for only a few minutes, the palpate-roll will allow you to quickly obtain visible results

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An anti-cellulite suction cup, how does it work?

Step 1: Apply a greasy massage oil

To perform an anti-cellulite massage, it is important to first apply a greasy oil so that the suction cup can glide properly over the skin and guarantee an effective massage. The little extra? The oil will also moisturize your skin in addition to facilitating the elimination of cellulite!

Once the oil has been generously applied to the areas of the body that you want to treat (arms, thighs, buttocks, love handles, stomach), you can move on to the suction cup.

Step 2: Use an anti-cellulite suction cup

The anti-cellulite suction pads, allow a deep massage to activate lipolysis and drain toxins. They will also stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, your legs will be lighter!

The secret of the suction cup? It sucks the skin to dislodge the dimpled skin and eliminate its orange peel appearance. The air sucked in by the suction pads will help break up the fatty lumps responsible for the dimpled skin to remove and eliminate them.


Using a suction cup: pinch the sides of the suction cup with your fingers and place it on the skin. The more you pinch, the more air you suck in. To control the suction, pinch the suction cup on the sides again to modulate the suction force according to the type of cellulite (light or embedded) and according to how you feel. By sucking the tissues, the massage can then begin. Make movements from the bottom to the top, from left to right, then circular movements, spending about 5 minutes per zone.

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The result, is the anti-cellulite suction cup effective?

Finally, the anti-cellulite suction cup works then? After a few days, the first results are already visible! The skin is smoother, firmer and cellulite is no longer, or almost no longer, visible! Thanks to the suction cup, you will eliminate all types of cellulite, even stubborn and ingrained cellulite. Your skin will be much more toned. No more orange peel effect, your skin will be soft and clear. So, yes the anti-cellulite suction cup works!
To defeat cellulite for good, don’t forget to eat a balanced diet and to practice regular physical activity!

Are you determined to overcome your cellulite to display a perfect body this summer? Then let’s get started!

Where to buy your anti-cellulite suction cup?

So you’re wondering which anti-cellulite suction cup to choose? Be careful when choosing your suction cup. There are a lot of cheap plastic suction cups on the market that are dangerous to your health. They can cause skin allergies, reduced fertility, toxic effects or contain endocrine disruptors. We advise you to always choose a suction cup made of 100% medical grade silicone. We have tested for you, the famous anti-cellulite suction cup of the Cellublue brand, and it works!

The best solution to easily perform anti-cellulite massage sessions at home! Effective method and suction cup 100% medical silicone for long life.