Does avocado make you fat

Does avocado make you fat?

The avocado culture comes directly from Central America. This fruit is a real star on the menu of many banquets. However, there is some reluctance to eat it because of its high lipid content. The question is whether the tasty and appreciated fruit of the avocado tree make you gain weight. Let’s focus on the consumption of avocado and its nutritional values.

The avocado: its status as a fatty food is not to be feared!

The avocado occupies a place of choice in our diets. It contains a lot of fibres.It is low in carbohydrates and high in fat. Much more caloric and above all fattier than the majority of fruits and vegetables, it appears in the collective unconsciousness as the fruit that makes you gain weight. Except that this consideration is not based on any scientific study.

On the contrary, for science, the avocado is considered a super food thanks to its many health benefits. It is strongly recommended by nutritionists. (1)

The type of lipid found in avocados is vegetable and healthy, common to oil seeds and present in olive oil. The fatty acids in avocado oil are said to be “essential” for the body, which is unable to produce them itself. It is therefore an ideal food that can be supplied to the body and is important for the proper maintenance of the immune system.

The avocado’s monounsaturated fatty acids are involved in lowering cholesterol levels. Combined with a balanced diet, the avocado helps to maintain weight. A regular consumption of this fruit, leads to a decrease in abdominal overweight. In short, the avocado helps to lose weight instead!

A satisfying food that you can count on to lose weight

A study conducted on patients in the United States has shown that the consumption of avocado is intimately linked to a better quality of food and a full range of nutrients beneficial to the body (2). It thus concludes that when it is consumed in moderation and following an adequate mode of preparation (without adding fatty seasoning), the avocado is not contradictory with a slimming diet. The avocado does not make you fat! People who consume avocados feel full and have less desire to eat during the day.

Eating avocados frequently does not induce weight gain, if it is part of a balanced diet. Neither does eating an avocado in the evening. Unless you overdo it. Half an avocado, for example, will give you great nutritional value and energy. Included in a salad dish or combined with other vegetables of your choice, it is very interesting on the menu of a family meal

Other benefits of avocado

Avocado fibers help ease digestion and prevent constipation. It is also these fibers which are the basis of the feeling of satiety and which make the avocado a natural appetite regulator.

This very remarkable fruit is a source of vitamins B5, B6 and vitamin K, which regulates blood sugar levels. It is also rich in vitamin B9 (folic acid), vitamin E, vitamin B1, magnesium and antioxidants. This is why avocado has so many beneficial effects on heart health, the nervous system and hair and skin care.

In the end, not only does avocado itself not make you gain weight, but this fruit is your slimming ally. Overall, it also improves your health, and even that of your eyes!

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