Does chocolate make you fat

Does chocolate make you fat?

Chocolate in all its states is the food-pleasure par excellence for young and old, all generations combined. It embodies greediness, sweetness, fondant, celebrations and above all the pleasure of giving.

But here’s the rub: your chocolate-pleasure is not quite your slimming ally, or at least, it isn’t in all its forms. But, is it possible to consume it without feeling guilty? Does chocolate make you fat?

Is it possible to eat chocolate without putting on weight?

Yes and no. Chocolate has several interesting virtues for your health: anti-oxidant, anti-stress, anti-depression, good for the heart, etc. However, consuming it in large quantities and very often can influence the balance.

In order not to fear its weight gain effects, the ideal is to not exceed 30 grams per day, the equivalent of 150 calories or even 3 standard squares

The idea here is not to deprive yourself not to feel this frustrating feeling that can make you crack, but also to Then, what type of chocolate makes you fat? But, is it valid for any kind of chocolate?

So, what type of chocolate makes you fatter?

From a caloric point of view, the answer is no. All types of chocolate provide about 500 to 550 calories per 100 grams, the equivalent of a complete meal for a woman

Therefore, you should not overdo it either. On the other hand, from a nutritional point of view, there are some fine differences between chocolates. Let’s discover them!

What are the different types of chocolate?

  • Dark chocolate: this is the most interesting from a nutritional point of view. Rich in lipids, magnesium, and cocoa, but above all low in sugar, it is the most recommended as part of a balanced diet. If you are even looking to lose weight, it is always recommended to eat 2 squares with more than 85% cocoa several times a week as a snack. But beware of bitterness.
  • White chocolate, on the other hand, has a high sugar content but is low in fat. It is also important to know that this type of chocolate does not contain any cocoa, which justifies its color. Let’s be honest, white chocolate is not very “healthy”!
  • Milk chocolate: Between the two previous chocolates, delicious and very much appreciated by children. However, it contains little fat and less magnesium than dark chocolate. Moreover, some recent studies have proven that milk slows down the effects of cocoa. Therefore, you enjoy less of the health benefits of cocoa.

How to choose the right chocolate to not put on weight?

Chocolate is sold in different shapes and types, depending on the brand. To be sure you’re buying the right product, read the label or packaging provided carefully! This way, you can identify all the ingredients used in the manufacture of your bar, but above all, you can know the cocoa content. As mentioned above, the higher the content, the less sweet your bar will be.

Therefore, always use cane sugar in the composition of your bar! Also, remember to check the quantity of cocoa butter used in the preparation of your product to determine the level of lipids present! Other elements may appear in the composition of your product such as palm oil, which is always controversial, but inevitable even with the biggest brands. What to do in this case?

To get the best products, you have to pay a lot of money. This is an undisputed fact. If you are highly motivated to have the best chocolate, but above all, you have the necessary means, go directly to the artisan chocolate makers who can make them for you, without these toxic additives and stabilizers used mainly by industrialists. You can also turn to eco-responsible structures that offer organic chocolate without additives and low sugar content.

Also be aware of the presence of soy lecithin, which is generally not found in good quality products!

In short, is chocolate good for your health?

The virtues of cocoa have been well known and used for years. However, chocolate should always be consumed in moderation, as no scientific study can assert 100% of its benefits and safety. No serious studies have been established to verify whether or not chocolate makes you gain weight!

So, in general, treat yourself simply by biting into your favorite chocolate, but of course in reasonable quantities! But, if you want to combine business with pleasure, we advise you to eat the dark chocolate with a high cocoa content.