Does ginger make you lose weight?

Does ginger make you lose weight?

The use of ginger is very common in many medicinal remedies and the preparation of several slimming recipes. Appreciated for its flavor and properties, some nutritionists recommend its use to combat overweight and obesity.

Does ginger make you lose weight? We have taken an interest in this question.

The health benefits of ginger

The properties of the root with its warming properties are immense. Ginger is 90% water and very rich in fiber. It is a remarkable source of vitamin B9, as well as vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, and E.

The plant’s rhizome is also bursting with mineral salts and trace elements such as magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, calcium, iron, and iodine.

But it is because of its appetite-suppressant action that ginger is of most interest. The fabulous Asian plant helps to reduce hunger by creating a feeling of satiety after consumption, as shown in this study (1) conducted on the subject.

During the research, scientists have established that the plant increases the effectiveness of leptin (satiety hormone), which regulates the appetite and fat reserves in the body.

By doing so, this hormone modulates the feeling of hunger. Known as an anorectic hormone, it plays an important role in weight loss.

Ginger improves thermogenesis

As a spice that promotes good digestion of food, the rhizome will boost your metabolism by triggering the thermogenesis process.

For explanation, thermogenesis is the ability of the body to generate body heat due to metabolic reactions. This means that ginger can increase your body temperature and thus activate your metabolism, which will burn more fat.

Each individual has a basic metabolism that is equivalent to the amount of energy he or she needs at rest. However, we can boost this basic metabolism to burn more calories (even while sleeping) and lose weight.

The combination of all the ingredients in this plant creates a warming phenomenon, which causes an immediate reaction of the body which, to rebalance its temperature, will use the stored calorie reserves.

How can ginger be used for weight loss?

If you consume ginger tea, for example, daily, you will immediately notice its incredible appetite suppressant power. As a result, you may naturally decrease your calorie intake and reduce the amount of fat in your body, especially in the belly area.

Ginger infused and mixed with honey is an explosion of flavor that has fat-burning properties and aids digestion. It gives a pleasant feeling of warmth, prevents constipation and helps to reduce localized fat on the stomach. It is an ideal drink for those who want to lose weight naturally, without a drastic diet.

We recommend the use of fresh ginger for your various recipes. You can buy fresh roots in organic shops or supermarkets. If you prefer ginger powder, ideally choose a spice from organic farming, free of chemical treatments and pesticides.

Finally, note that the virtues and slimming effects of ginger can be reinforced by the addition of other slimming plants, fruits, or citrus fruits.

Ginger and lemon juice

The mixture of ginger and lemon is of unequaled effectiveness as a drink with slimming effects. The two foods combined form a real natural anti-fat source. Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, the acids in lemon enhance digestion and play a central role in the elimination of cholesterol and the protection of the liver.

The main asset of lemon, vitamin C, acts as an appetite suppressant on the body. Combined with the ginger rhizome, your feeling of satiety will only double and you will be able to say goodbye to snacking and bad fats.

Ginger and lemon can be mixed in an infusion or as a lemonade. Both can also be used at the table in an original and tasty vinaigrette recipe!

Just add a few drops of lemon and ginger powder to your dressing to enjoy the associated benefits of these foods.

Ginger in your tea

If you’ve put on extra pounds on your stomach and hips and are having trouble fitting into your clothes, ginger tea has many medicinal properties, including helping you healthily lose weight. The excellence of this drink is that it promotes good digestion of food by stimulating the activity of the stomach, small intestine and large intestine.

Tea, in this case, green tea, already contains theine, an active ingredient that slows down the body’s absorption of fat and reduces the number of calories absorbed. Its diuretic properties promote the elimination of toxins by the kidneys. It is also thermogenic. Thanks to its combined action with ginger, you will assimilate in an optimal way the nutrients contained in your food, while burning fat.

It is particularly the thermogenic effect of the drink that enables it to contribute effectively to the slimming process. For this reason, we recommend drinking a cup of ginger tea after your meal to eliminate the urge to snack afterward.

The slimming virtues of ginger essential oil

The essential oil of ginger is famous for its countless and precious virtues. Its use is good for intestinal transit and easy assimilation of food. It is also recommended in the treatment of stretch marks and cellulite. On the slimming side, it is certainly a product you can count on to keep your figure in shape.

It is possible to add about ten drops of this oil with a spicy scent in a good hot bath to boost weight loss. For a massage, mix 5 drops of Jojoba or macadamia oil with your ginger essential oil to obtain a better warming action, and massage the parts of your body that you wish to refine or tone.

So does eating ginger make you lose weight? Not directly, but its properties helping to reduce hunger and improve thermogenesis can influence weight loss.

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