Does rosé wine make you fat

Does rosé wine make you fat?

With the arrival of summer, aperitifs, picnics and barbecues also make their appearances. Refreshing, rosé wine is one of the flagship drinks of these moments, which are highly appreciated with friends or family. However, like any alcohol, it contributes to an increase in daily calorie intake; consequently, rosé makes you fat! Focus on the effects of this drink on the body.

Because of its low sugar content, rosé can be a drink to be preferred by people who want to take care of their body appearance. It is the wine that contributes more than any other to preserve it! Known for its richness in potassium, it participates in the elimination of toxins and is considered a tonic. Wine also increases the production of endorphins, also called the happiness hormone. Thus, it has a positive impact on the morale of those who consume it.

However, these points, which seem positive, should be taken with caution. The calories provided by the consumption of this alcohol are empty calories. They encourage the body to store them as fat. Rosé makes you fat!

In addition to its contribution to empty calories, the consumption of rosé wine significantly increases everyone’s appetite and encourages us to snack. In summer, wine is very often accompanied by aperitif biscuits, most of which are very high in calories, contributing to gain weight. Indirectly, rosé makes you fatter!

So that everyone is reassured, it is possible to consume rosé while continuing to take care of your figure. Here are several ideas to reduce the risk of weight gain while enjoying an aperitif with friends:

  • Avoid excesses, whether in the consumption of wine or aperitif biscuits.
  • Alternate regularly with glasses of water, which contains no calories and satisfies the sensation of thirst.
  • Eliminate the most caloric aperitif biscuits, and replace them with lighter products, such as a tray of crudités to share, for example. However, be careful not to add too rich side sauces!
  • Finally, it is of course recommended not to consume wine, or more generally alcohol daily to preserve your shape, but also your health!

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