junk food

What are the effects of junk food?

Junk food, the scourge that reigns supreme over our diet, also wreaks havoc on our bodies. The dangers of junk food are numerous and must be taken seriously. Caloric foods are the main causes.

What is junk food?

Junk food is defined as food that does not comply with dietary standards. They have a high-calorie content (sugar, fat, and salt), especially empty calories, which are very low in nutritional value. Saturated with chemicals and low in vitamins, junk food is free from fiber. They are generally found on fast food plates (pizzas, sandwiches and burgers, nuggets, etc.), snacks (cookies, donuts, crisps, fries, etc.) and also in soft drinks such as sodas. Meals using additional ingredients such as thickeners, stabilizers, flavor enhancers, flavorings, texturizing agents, fillers, and water retention agents can also be classified as junk food.

Weight gain, a direct effect of junk food

Seduced by the tasty taste of these foods, consumers are not aware of the dangers of junk food. Saturated with fat, caloric foods accelerate weight gain. This creates a vicious cycle, as weight gain makes people not want to move. And a lack of energy expenditure promotes obesity. Yet obesity can have serious health consequences. It is the leading cause of premature and preventable death in France. According to the OECD, currently, 15.3% of French adults are obese. And this rate will exceed 21% by 2030.

Health hazards of junk food

  • Over-saturation of fat in the body clogs the arteries.
  • The accumulation of these fat deposits in the veins slows down the blood flow and damages the functions of the heart.
  • The arteries only provide three-quarters of their normal dilatation after a non-dietary diet. This promotes the development of cardiovascular diseases such as atheroma and coronary artery disease.
  • Diabetes is also one of the consequences of junk food. Chronic hyperglycemia caused by high blood sugar levels leads to a metabolic disorder. The body’s production of insulin becomes insufficient to regulate blood sugar levels.
  • Also, excess salt in fast food and snack dishes directly influences the rise in blood pressure.
  • Finally, the over-consumption of caloric foods promotes the threat of cancer of organs such as the uterus, pancreas, intestines, prostate, etc. So, if you care about your health and want to keep in shape, avoid falling for junk food!

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