Slimming-clothes, are they effective

Slimming-clothes, are they effective?

Summer is coming, and with it, the anxiety of finding yourself in a swimsuit to enjoy the sun and your holidays. If you too want to feel comfortable on the beaches, the concept of slimming clothing can help you reach your goal. You have heard about these slimming clothes which are in vogue lately. How do they work? Are they effective?

A slimming garment helps to refine your silhouette easily and effortlessly.
By adopting a balanced diet and practicing sports regularly, the slimming garment will help to further sculpt your body and make your skin smoother and firmer. This garment will reduce the appearance of orange peel skin as well as cellulite.

The textile used to make these garments is composed of knits with a sculpting effect.
This technology is called cosmetic-textile. Its principle is relatively simple: the more active you are, the more effective the slimming garment is. These intelligent fibers are composed of 91% polyamide and 9% elastane.
By rubbing against your skin, this material releases microcapsules of phytomarin active ingredients. It is therefore advisable to wear them as often as possible during the day. To promote and maximize its action, you can also wear it during your daily sports session.

Depending on the part of your body you want to refine, there are several types of clothing to help you achieve your goal.

Targeted body part(s): lower body.
Expected results: It will flatten the stomach (for high waist leggings only) and slim the legs.

Advantages :

  • Easy to wear
  • Washable
  • Very discreet
  • Creates a pleasant feeling in contact with the skin

Disadvantages :

  • Wearing it several hours a day for a few weeks
  • Can be difficult to bear in summer
  • May cause discomfort


Targeted body parts: waist, buttocks, thighs;
Expected results: Refine thighs and buttocks, reduce love handles

Advantages :

  • Easily adaptable
  • Cannot be seen under clothes
  • Very practical under a skirt or dress


  • Shorter lifespan sometimes
  • Pay attention to the seams, which may be visible on some models



Targeted parts of the body: the upper body.

Expected results: Slimming the stomach and hips.


  • Discreet
  • Comfortable



  • Can be little tight
  • Somewhat visible under light summer clothing


Of course, these clothes will not work miracles if you don’t make an effort on the side. For optimal results, it is advisable to wear a slimming garment during the day and combine it with your sports activity. Patience is required, it will take a few weeks before you feel and see the effects.
The slimming garment will help you lose a few inches, provided you have a healthy lifestyle and practice regular physical activity.

Don’t wait any longer, slimming leggings and slimming shorties are your ideal companions. They will not only warm you up but also make you lose inches this winter!

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