eggs cause weight gain

Do eggs cause weight gain?

Chicken’s egg is one of the favorite foods of the French. In the kitchen, it is never far from our favorite dishes. It is often used in the composition of several preparations: cake, cream dessert, etc. But is it really good for your health to eat it regularly? Do eggs make you fat? All the answers can be found in this complete dossier on the nutritional value of eggs.

What are the health benefits of eggs?

First of all, it is important to know that egg is a low-calorie food, we count about 70 kcal for an egg. These allow you to get the nutrients your body needs during a meal. Eggs are an excellent alternative to meat and fish because they are rich in protein. It is therefore a dietetic food because it has an interesting protein-energy ratio.

It is also known to be an ideal appetite suppressant. The satiety effect of eggs has been the subject of several scientific studies that have proven that by eating an egg for breakfast (the ideal time of day to consume it), you tend to eat less during the day.

Egg white is most appreciated for its benefits, especially by sportsmen and women because it is easy to burn and helps muscles to develop. Egg yolk contains a certain number of lipids and therefore remains more caloric than white. It is preferable to cook the egg to enjoy all its benefits.

Do eggs make you fat?

The low carbohydrate and calorie content of eggs do not make the food to be avoided. Quite the contrary. It is advisable to eat eggs regularly with as little added fat as possible. Egg consumption prevents you from indulging in cravings between meals.

Hard-boiled eggs have a reputation for burning a lot of energy because they take a long time to digest and they provide protein and vitamins. It is therefore a food to be added to the list of ideals for a slimming diet.

As for the lipids that may seem to be present in large quantities in the yolk, they are essentially mono-saturated fatty acids. They have a very good nutritional quality and are essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system.

Also, the glycemic load of the egg is zero. Its consumption does not cause any blood sugar intake and therefore avoids all risks of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Science considers egg protein to be the best of proteins, containing 9 amino acids useful for the functioning of the body. These include lysine and methionine.

To the question: do eggs make you fat? The answer is no. It is a balanced food that is useful for keeping your figure in shape every day. Eggs make you lose weight instead, as long as they are eaten in small quantities and the white is preferred to the yolk.

How can I eat eggs to lose weight?


The egg diet allows you to lose weight quickly without sacrificing the protein needed for muscle building.

In a low-calorie diet, calories are reduced while increasing protein intake to prevent muscle loss. In this case, eggs play a major role because they are a source of trace elements, iron, vitamins, and proteins. Moreover, they are very easy to cook: hard, scrambled, boiled, omelette…

The best way to cook hard-boiled and soft-boiled eggs are in boiling water. This way, the cooking is complete for the egg white so that its proteins are well assimilated. The yolk should appear half-cooked, soft to keep its nutrients. This makes them perfect if you intend to eat eggs to lose weight.

For example, you can make up your breakfast menu with two cooked eggs, toast, cereal, and orange juice. You can also have tea or coffee with two boiled eggs, a slice of lean ham, and fresh seasonal fruit.

An omelette or scrambled eggs and a few vegetables also make an excellent breakfast, which is a good way to hold the morning meal without snacking.

Eggs are tasty no matter how they are cooked and without any added fat. They will allow you to start the day with a full energy boost. Many people think that you should avoid eating in the evening because they find them too heavy. However eggs won’t make you fat if eaten healthily at any time of day.

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