Exercises to slim buttocks quickly

Exercises to slim buttocks quickly

Four easy exercises to get rid of your saddlebags!

Saddlebags, a fatty mass found in the pelvis and hips, also known as “cellulite”, is present in the majority of women. This is due to the natural functioning of the body: in anticipation of a future pregnancy, certain fats are stored to meet the energy needs of the pregnant woman and the fetus. If several phenomena can accentuate it, the best solution to overcome it remains the practice of the sport. Certain targeted exercises are particularly recommended to lose weight in the buttocks and to lose your saddlebags.

The bridge exercise

Depending on the degree of difficulty, this exercise exists in several variations. If this exercise works various parts of the body (back, thighs …), it particularly helps, by strengthening them, to lose weight in the buttocks. It is an exercise to be done at least once a week and at best two or three times. It is advisable to repeat the movement 20 to 25 times at each session.

The short bridge is the simplest variation of the bridge exercise. It consists of lying on your back with your knees bent. Next, contract the buttocks and abdominal and lift the hips. This position is to be held for a few seconds before coming down.
For a little more difficulty and to allow your buttocks to work more, you can try the straight bridge. This time you start the exercise laying down. Then you will push with your arms to lift the hips while contracting the buttocks. Your arms should then be perfectly straight and taut. After holding the position for a few seconds, you can release it.

The step-ups exercise

This exercise requires a small bench, step, or ledge that should be equal to or lower than the height of your knees. This exercise for slimming buttocks is very simple to perform and will allow you to strengthen your biceps and buttocks.

To start, stand facing the bench, straight up. Place your right foot on the platform and then, with your right heel, bring your left foot back to the platform. Then return to the starting position, first putting your right foot on the ground and then your left.

It is advisable to do 15 lifts with the right foot and then 15 with the left foot and repeat this 3 times. Steel buttocks and thighs in perspective!

The exercise of donkey kicks

Donkey kicks are a very good exercise for losing your buttocks quickly. Indeed, it mainly involves the buttocks.

To do this, get down on all fours with your back straight and your stomach tucked in. While keeping your arms straight, push on one of your legs until your thigh is horizontal. At this point, your leg should form a right angle. This position should then be repeated with the other leg.

For firm buttocks, repeat this exercise about 30 times. It is also possible to place weights on your ankles: this will make your buttocks more rounded.

The squat jump

Another exercise for losing buttocks is a squat jump: a squat combined with a jump. This exercise uses all the muscles of your leg and especially the buttocks. Carried out every day, it draws firm and rounded buttocks.

To begin this exercise, stand up. Then, while flexing your thighs, push your pelvis backward. In a third step, jump as high as you can before landing on the front of your feet by bending your legs and pushing your buttocks backward. A series of about 10 squats per day is recommended. You can also do this exercise by jumping from a bench.

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