face shapes

What’s the shape of my face?

It is sometimes difficult to recognize the true shape of one’s face when trying to enhance it. There are very specific characteristics for each one to be able to find their way around.

Why should I know my face shape?

Head shapes are especially useful in the field of beauty and aesthetics. Knowing one’s morphology allows you to find tips and tricks to enhance one’s face thanks to small techniques and tricks.

The morpho-hairstyle requires for example to know the shape of ahead to find the perfect cut. You can round off the angles for a square face or give more character to a rather round face. These rules are also valid in the field of make-up. Some women have learned to highlight certain more or less prominent parts of their faces by playing with shadows and colors.

In morphopsychology, it has also been established that certain types of facies correspond to defined character traits. A round face, for example, is considered jovial, while a square face has a more assertive character.

The different face shapes

There are up to nine different face shapes, each with its own, rather recognizable characteristics.

Round face

There is often a tendency to confuse the round face with the oval face. A round face is very recognizable because the shape is very pronounced. The length and width are almost equal, and the hairline on the forehead is quite round. This type of face can also be recognized by rather rounded cheeks and a fairly short chin.

Diamond face

A diamond face shape is also called a diamond face. In this case, the forehead and jawline are rather narrow while the cheekbones are wide as if the face formed two inverted triangles. The features can be soft or angular.

Face in heart

The morphology of this head shape is quite recognizable, we can see a face with a wide forehead that narrows gradually to a chin that takes a rather narrow shape. The cheekbones are generally not very protruding.

Triangular face

Triangular face shape also has a very recognizable morphology which is the exact opposite of the inverted triangle. This time, the forehead is narrow and the lower part of the face is more rounded. The jaws are often protruding, revealing a rather imposing chin.

Oval face

This type of face is often considered to have a perfect shape because the proportions are rather balanced. The contours of the face are clean and the forehead, jaws and chin are rather equal in size. It is a face shape that is said to be very feminine.

Rectangular face

This head shape often has very angular features and a long face. One can observe a rather broad and high forehead and rather protruding jaws. The rectangular face is very similar to the square face, but the length is more imposing.

Inverted triangle face

The inverted triangle face is the opposite of the triangle face. This is because the top of the face is wider than the bottom. It is characterized by a broad forehead and a small jaw and chin. The triangular face with the point downwards has the peculiarity of fairly flat cheekbones.

Square face

This face shape is also very recognizable because of its strong features that are often associated with a strong character. The width of the face is sometimes more pronounced than the length. The jaws are rather angular and prominent, and the forehead is broad.

Oblong face

This morphotype is a little less known because it is sometimes confused with other types of faces. It is close to the rectangular or oval face but the features are much thinner. The face is rather elongated with a high forehead. We also observe a face much longer than wide.

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