fat burner to lose weight

Fat burner to lose weight?

Are fat burners really magic drinks for losing weight? What are their effects on the body? Do they help to lose weight? The answer is in the article!

What’s a fat burner?

A fat burner is a drink that will improve the metabolism and cleanse the body thanks to its draining effect. It affects the organs, especially the liver and kidneys, as well as on the skin. These drinks facilitate blood circulation and stimulate the functioning of the lymphatic system. Besides, they help to eliminate toxins that the body has accumulated due to pollution, stress, cigarette smoke, etc.
The accumulation of all these toxins and wastes will have negative effects on the body and can lead to water retention, cellulite and an accumulation of fat mainly in the stomach, buttocks, and thighs. Therefore, the use of a fat burner will then allow the elimination of all these bad toxins by stimulating the body’s elimination systems.

How to use the fat burner?

Fat burners are mainly found in liquid form. Some people drink them directly or dilute them with water. They can be used as a 7-day, 14-day, or 1-month cure, which you can renew several times a year. But, you can also find a drainer in the form of capsules, to be taken mainly during meals with a large glass of water for example.

The different types of fat burners and their effects on weight loss

Today, there is a multitude of different draining, sometimes slimming, fat burners… What is the difference and how to choose it?

The fat burner

This type of drainer will lead to an increase in body temperature, the body will then burn fat using energy to regulate its temperature. The metabolism is then stimulated leading to the destocking of fat deposits. Negative calorie foods are considered fat burners.

The slimming drainer

The slimming drains will reduce water retention, toxins, and cellulite. They are perfect slimming allies. Thanks to water loss, you will lose weight and your figure will be refined. To lose weight the slimming drainer alone will not be enough. For optimal effectiveness, it must be accompanied by a balanced diet and regular physical activity.

The anti-cellulite drainer

These anti-cellulite drainers help to fight against cellulite and orange peel skin by promoting the elimination of dimpled skin. The skin will be smoother and firmer, the orange peel skin* diminishes. They also help eliminate toxins by stimulating the organs.
*wavy and bumpy appearance visible to the naked eye on the skin.

The detox drainer

Its objective will be to eliminate toxins, cleanse the body and give a little boost to reactivate the proper functioning of the body and the immune system. It is therefore advisable to take a detox drainer at each change of season. It helps to detoxify the body to get back in shape, general well-being and maintain good health.

In short, everyone will find the drainer that suits them!
You can easily find your drainer in pharmacies, drugstores and on the internet.
However there are also many plants with draining virtues that can help you to make your drainer yourself, at home.

The best-draining plants

Several so-called “diuretic” plants will help drain the body and eliminate toxins.
Here is our selection:

  • Green tea: this tea has diuretic properties facilitating the destocking of fats.
  • Guarana: in addition to its diuretic properties, this plant-rich in caffeine will stimulate the metabolism and the destocking of fats.
  • Dandelion: this plant has a natural draining effect that will act on water retention and elimination of toxins. It contains fibers and nutrients to reduce the feeling of hunger. By acting on the liver the dandelion will purify your body and act on the digestive system.
  • Black radish: This vegetable will cleanse your liver and gallbladder and help eliminate waste and toxins from your body.
  • Pineapple: this low-calorie food contains an enzyme with anti-cellulite and diuretic virtues.
  • Artichoke: thanks to the potassium it contains, this food will help to act against water retention and cellulite. It will also stimulate the liver.

The most efficient drainer for slimming according to Gurze

Today, there is a multitude of different drainers, sometimes slimming, fat burners… in liquid or capsule form. You can find them in pharmacies, para pharmacies or on the internet. The Gurze team has tested several of them to find the most effective slimming drainer.

Easy to use daily, just dilute a little drainer with water and drink this magic drink once or twice a day. After 14 days, the belly is flatter, the silhouette refined, the skin smoother and firmer! The results are just amazing!

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