fluorite properties - 2023

Fluorite properties

Fluorite is a semi-transparent mineral with green, purple, blue or yellow as its colour. Its name comes from the Latin fluere which means melting or sticky. It is also called androdamant, bruiachite, fluted lime, chromium-fluorite, erbyshire spar, fluorine calcium, fluorescein, fluorine, liparite, fluorspar, fusible spat.

Finding fluorites

Virtues in lithotherapy :

Availability on the market: important.
Observed price: average.
Effectiveness, availability and price are based on an observed average, these indications depend on people, sellers, periods.

In a global way fluorite strengthens the skeleton, the teeth and acts strongly on the aura invigorating it.

Green fluorite:

The green fluorite will have a very good action on the mucous membranes, it unclogs the sinuses, it purifies the aura and strengthens the immune system. It can be used against allergies, especially hay fever.

The purple fluorite:

The purple fluorite increases the frequency of dreams allowing the subconscious mind more opportunity to speak symbolically to our conscious mind. This stone will help to obtain more intuitions, it favours open-mindedness.

The yellow fluorite:

Yellow fluorite is a very joyful stone, it brings a light and euphoric feeling of joie de vivre. It stimulates memory and intellect.

Blue fluorite:

The blue fluorite is a good help for the lungs, it will bring a clearing, a feeling of refreshment and fluidification of breathing. This blue stone promotes expression and creativity, heavy eye problems could be relieved with this mineral.

The pink fluorite:

The pink fluorite brings a soft energy in our aura, it will help to soothe.

White fluorite:

It is a stone of great spiritual and psychic openness to be handled with care. It opens intensely the 6th and 7th chakra which favours extrasensory capacities with among others a greater sensitivity and interaction with subtle energies. It fills the aura with energy which will favour astral travel.

Purification and recharging :

After a while the stone has given all the energy it could, it can be energetically purified by depositing it on a bed of coarse salt for several hours. For more efficiency it can then be charged in the sun or natural light.

Zodiac signs for which the need for this stone is potentially the most important:
Gems, fish, cancer

Associated main chakra:
5th throat chakra.

Finding fluorites

Lithotherapy is part of alternative energy therapies, it does not replace so-called modern medicine, the indications given are drawn from feedback from users, cultures, and reference books in the field. For any medical problem please consult your doctor.

Mineralogy :

This mineral can be of all colors except black.
Its chemical composition is composed of calcium fluoride, formula CaF2.
Its crystallization is cubic.
The mineral comes mainly from China, Germany, France.
Fluorite can be found in specialized shops in its raw state or polished, cut, made into pendants, bracelets, necklaces.

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