rid of belly fat

What food to eat to get rid of belly fat?

Excess weight in the abdominal area is often due to poor elimination of intestinal transit. To regain a flat belly, it is necessary to adopt a diet rich in nutrients that facilitate digestion. This includes foods rich in fiber and protein. Find out without further delay what foods you need to eat to eliminate your belly fat.

Changing your eating habits to get rid of belly fat

To lose weight, it is essential to review your diet. It’s not a question of following drastic diets that risk rekindling your frustrations. The solution is rather to eat meals adapted to your metabolic needs. Indeed, when the intestinal transit does not eliminate waste regularly, it leads to fat storage. People who eat a diet low in fiber and protein usually have a large belly. Difficulty eliminating stool causes the abdomen to swell and the waist to increase in size. It is therefore necessary to favor balanced meals that will help the regulation of the digestive system and the evacuation of feces. Here’s what to eat to get rid of your belly fat.

Foods that are good to eat to slim your tummy

Choosing the right foods will help you eat healthier. Some of the foods you need to eat to lose weight include fruits, vegetables, and some legumes. They are mostly low in calories and full of vitamins and minerals.


Asparagus contains 92% water. This food has a strong diuretic power because it is full of water and contributes to the regulation of the intestinal flora. It is a hypocaloric food recommended during slimming diets because of its high assimilation capacity.


The artichoke is a food rich in fiber (10.3 g per 100 g of food) that should be eaten to lose belly fat. Eating foods rich in fiber, especially soluble fiber, helps to create a feeling of fullness in the stomach, which is excellent for curbing your appetite. Besides, artichoke helps eliminate excess fat from the abdomen and fights constipation. It is rich in vitamins and also contains inulin which helps to lower blood glucose levels.


This food contains about 10.5 g of fiber per 100 g of food. Avocado reduces blood sugar spikes and facilitates transit due to the healthy fats it contains. It is also packed with vitamins and its consumption fights against cardiovascular diseases.


Coconut is a tropical fruit rich in vitamins and minerals. It is a fruit containing fiber and rich in antioxidants. It effectively fights belly fat problems and quickly produces a satiety effect. It is highly recommended by dietitians for weight loss. You can consume its flesh, drink its water or extract its oil.


They are found mainly in dairy products (cheese, milk, fermented yogurt). They contain good bacteria that ensure gastrointestinal balance. Probiotics contain Bifidobacterium animalis and lactobacillus. They help the body to regenerate itself and help burn abdominal fat more easily. They are also found in certain plant-based foods such as (pickles, fermented sauerkraut, or tempeh).


Quinoa is a pseudo-cereal whose benefits have been proven. It is rich in fiber, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and also contains vegetable proteins. It is an excellent source of amino acids. It is found among the foods that help to lose belly fat because it helps regulate the digestive tract and quickly produces a satiety effect. It is eaten in the form of seeds or flour.

It’s important to know what to eat to lose belly fat. All you need to do is adopt good eating habits and drink lots of water to maintain a flat abdomen. Talk to a nutritionist if you have trouble following certain dietary hygiene rules.

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