Garnet properties

Garnet properties

The garnet is a stone that can be orange, brown, red, black, green. the most used in lithotherapy will be the red-brown garnet called almandine garnet. the name garnet comes from the Latin name malum granatum which means grain apple, pomegranate, because of its color, or from the name granum (grain) because of its rounded crystallized form.

Virtues in lithotherapy :

Therapeutic efficacy: important.
Availability on the market: important.
Observed price: average.
Efficacy, availability and price are based on an observed average, these indications depend on people, sellers, periods.

Actions on the emotional and spiritual :

The garnet promotes the contribution of energy and vitality it will give courage to undertake projects and better understand what we want to go straight to the point. It is a stone that develops the survival instinct it will be beneficial against nervous breakdowns. The grenant red or brown red is not suitable for tense or angry people, otherwise it will accentuate this character trait. It can be used to improve regressions in experiments such as hypnotic regression. Garnet reduces the taboos and inhibitions of its wearer.

Actions on the physique :

In lithotherapy it tends to regulate blood pressure and the proper circulation of blood through the body. Garnet is also a sexual stimulant especially for men.

Varieties of garnets:

Pyrope: It is a garnet with a fiery red color with a slight brownish tinge.

Rhodolite: pyrope garnet shiny pinkish red to purple.

Almandin: brick red garnet that can be purplish.

Spessartine: orange garnet to red brown

Hessonite: dark orange garnet

Tsavorite: green garnet

Demantoid: light green garnet

Purification and recharging :

After a while the stone has given all the energy it could, it can be energetically purified by depositing it on a bed of coarse salt for several hours. For more efficiency, it can then be charged in the sun or in natural light.

Zodiac signs for which the need for this stone is potentially the most important:
Taurus, scorpion, ram.

Associated main chakra:
1 st root chakra.

Finding garnets

Lithotherapy is part of alternative energy therapies, it does not replace so-called modern medicine, the indications given are drawn from feedback from users, cultures, and reference books in the field. For any medical problem please consult your doctor.

Mineralogy :

Colours of the mineral are red, green, brown, black.
Its chemical composition is aluminium-iron silicate Fe3 Al2 Si3 O12.
Its crystallization is cubic.
The mineral comes mainly from Austria, Brazil, India
Garnet can be found in specialized shops in its raw state or polished, cut, made into pendants, bracelets, necklaces.

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