How do you get rid of arm fat

How do you get rid of arm fat?

Why do you gain arm fat?

The weight gain mechanism works the same way in the arms as in the rest of the body. The cells in the body that store fat to provide energy to the body become more active in certain situations.

Taking medication such as cortisone or a contraceptive can create hormonal imbalances that can lead to weight gain, but more often than not, it is a poor lifestyle that is the cause of it.

The arms get fatter when the caloric intake becomes higher than the energy expenditure and the body is fed processed foods. This difference does not occur over a day or a week but over several months of poor nutrition.

Each fat cell can increase its volume up to 100 times, which explains the possibility for a human to become obese with very large arms. Fortunately, this process is reversible in almost all cases.

To lose arm fat, the solution is not miraculous. You need to balance your BMI, review your diet and practice effective sports. For example, weight lifting is particularly recommended.

What exercises can be used to slim down the arms?

Several sports are particularly effective for slimming your arms:

  • swimming: thanks to large movements, you gain in muscles and lose some arm fat;
  • yoga: this discipline is much more athletic than you might think, and can help you lose weight on your arms in the medium and long term;
  • pilates: here again, the wide and pulling movements will have many beneficial effects on your arms.

Those who feel they have big muscles but don’t have the time or money to go to a gym can buy simple 2-kilo dumbbells and exercise daily. The results will start to show after a few weeks.

What kind of diet to slim arms?

Changing your diet will help fat cells to do their job properly. To do this, you must both lower your daily calorie intake and improve the quality of the nutrients provided by your diet.

For women who want to slim arms, they can start by calculating your basal metabolic rate. This will tell you how many calories you need each day based on your activity. Once you’ve calculated your basal metabolic rate, you can reduce it a little so that your daily calorie expenditure is higher than your calorie intake. This should result in weight loss. One of the most important things you can do to lose weight is to choose a quality diet.

The most effective way is to discard all industrially processed foods, thus avoiding all refined sugars and bad fats. You can afford lean white meat once a week, as well as red meat or oily fish, as long as you double your vegetable ration.

In the case of deviation, one does not feel guilty and continues to have normal activity. Starving yourself the day after a deviation will only have negative consequences on your metabolism.

The wrap to get rid of arm fat

A little trick to use at the same time as an adapted diet and an effective sport is the slimming wrap. It exists in several forms: patch, homemade care, or care bought in the shops. The principle is simple: you apply the care on the skin, wrap the area with transparent film, and wait about 30 minutes before removing it. It is often used to refine the thighs or the belly but be aware that it is possible to make a wrap on your arms.

For the home-made slimming wrap, there is a multitude of ingredients that can be mixed to obtain a tightening effect and lose centimetres. For example, you can use green tea, coffee grounds, argan oil or lemon eucalyptus essential oil. However, as the homemade wraps contain no active ingredients, the effects are temporary. It often lasts only a few hours. That is why it is preferable to use treatments specially designed for the wrap for better results. They contain active slimming ingredients that will penetrate and act on the fat cells. Thus, you will obtain long-lasting results.

Don’t forget that slimming your arms takes time. You won’t see the first results for several weeks. Persevere and it will be worth it.

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