get rid of thigh fat

How to get rid of thigh fat?

A healthy and balanced diet, specific exercises, and adapted massages and care creams can help to slim and lose thighs while boosting their firmness. Discover all our tips and tricks to help you succeed in slimming your thighs.

Why is fat stored on the thighs?

In women, the thighs are the first part where the fat stagnates after a few dietary changes. Thighs touching each other, cellulite, saddlebags, and padding logically appear there, to the great displeasure of girls. Result? We multiply the diets to find thin and firm thighs.

The female body (1) stores more fat on the thighs more often because women grow from the bottom (thighs, hips, belly) to the top (arms, bust, neck, face). It is on the thighs that they constitute the most important energy reserve that can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Girls, these fatty deposits, therefore, have an essential role for your body, and are difficult to dislodge, but not impossible!

The diet to adopt to refine your thighs

Diet is one of the key points for a harmonious figure, it contributes greatly to the formation of slender, shapely legs. In this case, it is important to follow a well-adapted diet to be able to have long, slim legs for the next summer. A good diet and exercise will help to tone the thighs.

Less salt, sugar, and starchy foods

  • It is important to avoid fast sugars (2), ice cream, pastries, and cold cuts.
  • Eat less salt: Salt is known to increase water retention in the body, especially on the thighs.
  • Prepared meals, especially industrial foods, and high-sodium dishes should be banned. It is important to know that water retention makes the thighs fattening.
  • Also, reduce your starch consumption in the evening. At night the body uses less energy than during the day. For example, it is advisable to eat light dinners to lose thighs.
  • All forms of sugar are fattening. It is wiser to reduce your consumption of slow sugar and to privilege honey to sweeten your food to lose thighs.


Taking more protein and fiber-rich foods

Vegetables, fruit, and wholegrain cereals are essential for slimming your thighs, as they are rich in potassium, fiber, and protein. These foods help to restore the sodium balance while fighting against water retention. To replenish potassium, potatoes, spinach, lentils, bananas, and fish should be preferred. Green beans are a good source of fiber.

Get as much moisture as possible

Good hydration, at least 1.5 liters of water per day, is recommended. This helps to drain metabolic waste while combating water retention in the thighs. Teas and herbal teas can be considered as sources of water but without sugar of course.

Appropriate physical activities to lose thighs


The practice of sports activity is a means of toning and firming the legs. An adapted sport allows you to have refined and curved thighs.

  • Cycling at a moderate intensity and regular frequency help to slim your thighs and firm up your legs.
  • Endurance activities such as running, brisk walking, or rollerblading.
  • Dancing, squats, and lunges are less cardio, but they also help tone and soften muscles, while helping to increase muscle volume.
  • Flexion-extension. This is done in a standing position, with feet parallel and shoulder-width apart and arms hanging along the body. The flexion is done by breathing in, raising the arms straight up in front, and bringing the hips down to knee level, with the back straight. The ascent is done by exhaling. A series of 4 with 20 complete movements is recommended.
  • The chair is another exercise to lose thighs. You have to sit in a sitting position with your back against the wall, your buttocks bent at a right angle, and your stomach tight. It is advisable to hold this position for 30 seconds before exhaling and then take a 30-second break before starting again. 5 exercises per day are recommended.

Massages for slimming thighs

It is more judicious to combine sports with a few sessions of drainage and slimming massages. This will help you to quickly have beautiful and thin thighs to reveal under a miniskirt.

There is no lack of good techniques to improve blood circulation and to remove fat from the thighs. The method of palpating-rolling focuses on treating very precisely the fat cells located on the thighs, dislocating them to facilitate their meeting. The technique consists of making a fold of skin on the thigh and kneading it carefully. Although painful, since the fat deposits have been present for some time, the method is one of the techniques that give very good results for slimming thighs.

Another technique usually practiced as a massage to lose thighs is lymphatic drainage. By multiple gentle and successive pressures, the masseur or masseuse will reactivate a normal circulation of water in the body and especially in the thighs.

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Slimming clothes to slim down thighs

Slimming clothes can help you sculpt your figure. Shorty and leggings are real slimming designs comparable to creams with anti-cellulite effects. Their fine material makes them almost undetectable under a skirt or dress, in addition to a sheathing effect that flattens the stomach and moderately lifts the buttocks.

These slimming garments contain micro agents in their fabrics which, when rubbed against the skin, burst out to release active ingredients that are degreasing and draining, such as caffeine, which burns fat, and green tea, which has antioxidant properties. Some slimming clothes also contain nourishing and moisturizing agents such as shea butter. Their regular rubbing against the skin can be identified with a regular massage that breaks up fat deposits and improves blood circulation. Don’t be afraid of the sensation of warmth felt, nor of perspiration. These fabrics are specially designed to allow air to pass through.

Cosmetic products to refine your thighs

There are many targeted slimming treatments on the market today to slim the thighs. Some are more or less effective depending on their formulation and the active ingredients they contain. There are slimming care products for thighs in different forms: serum, gel, oil, cream, slimming wrap… that you can choose according to your preferences. Some care resulting from cryotherapy will have a cold effect to reduce localized fat on the thighs. Other treatments, on the contrary, will provide a warm sensation. You can also choose your slimming products according to the time of day you prefer to apply them. Some creams can be applied during the day and others are specially designed to act on fat cells at night.

Discover the Cold Slimming Gel to be applied during the day and the Thighs Regenerating Slimming Care to be left to act while you sleep to obtain a complete and effective routine to refine your thighs at any time.

Finally, there are also slimming massage devices that burn fat thanks to the vibrations they produce. You are therefore spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the product that suits you best.

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