Gluci-Chek : the application that helps to manage your diabetes

Suffering from diabetes is sometimes not easy. Even more so if the condition requires insulin treatment. You have to check your sugar level very regularly throughout the day. It would be much easier to manage your diabetes daily if we could easily and quickly find out the carbohydrate level we ingest when we eat our meals.

Several mobile applications already exist to help manage diabetes. But one, in particular, is very comprehensive and not only helps you manage your diabetes but also to know the level of the famous carbohydrates we consume. This application is known as Gluci-Chek.

Calculate carbohydrates quickly

Developed by Roche Diabetes Care France (1), the Gluci-Chek mobile application allows you to calculate the carbohydrates contained in many dishes, simple or compound (320 in total). A complete database, with photos of the different portions of food, allows you to quantify the carbohydrate content. The application is easy to use.

Possibility of customization

The Gluci-Chek application can, of course, be customized as required. You can add your data to the already existing food base, inform yourself about the nutritional composition of a dish, or look on the net for practical information sheets and recipes.

A monthly blood glucose monitoring log is also available. This will allow you to keep track of your daily blood glucose levels, as well as important events. You can record events such as hypo or hyperglycemia, the occurrence of stress, or, for example, your physical activities. You will then be able to see a summary of all these events at a glance in the form of a calendar.

Increasingly, technology at the service of health

Technology is becoming more and more accessible to patients. Many applications or connected objects are on the market to help the consumer take care of his health, to follow more easily his pathologies, and even now to have an idea of all his symptoms before consulting a doctor. Telephone, computer, or other tablets may one day become indispensable tools for our well-being and better health. A way to stay connected to all these gadgets without feeling guilty!

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