Grapefruit essential oil for weight loss

Grapefruit essential oil for weight loss

The essential oil of grapefruit has unsuspected qualities. As one of the most well known and most used essential oils in aromatherapy, each oil has benefits for its consumers.

Indeed, the essential oil of grapefruit would help people to maintain a healthy weight and thus promote weight loss.

What is grapefruit essential oil?

Grapefruit belongs to the citrus category and is native to the United States. It is the fruit of the tree, called pomelo, which has a very different name from the grapefruit it produces.

To make grapefruit essential oil, we must harvest fruits with a firm and smooth skin. The oil is made only from the base, the skin of the fruit that is extracted from the flesh.

Thus, to make grapefruit essential oil, the skin of the fruit must be removed and only the outermost skin of very light orange color is kept.

Then, you must mix this extracted skin with oil (almond, olive, or other oil according to taste). This mixture obtained is distilled and heated.

The preparation of grapefruit essential oil is not simpler than that.

The liquid is then put in a small jar or bottle most often used in aromatherapy to measure the oil concerned in the number of drops.

How to obtain it?

How to possess this famous essential oil of grapefruit? You have two main choices: either make it yourself to obtain a home-made oil or buy it in a shop designed for this purpose.

There are various shops where you can buy grapefruit essential oil. The first one is obvious since almost all pharmacies sell essential oils and especially the grapefruit one because it is the most widespread.

You can also find some in organic shops that often feature a cosmetics and essential oils section.

Some shops specialize in the sale of essential oils and you will be sure to find your grapefruit essential oil there.

Other shops specializing in aromatherapy exist everywhere these days.

You can therefore easily get grapefruit essential oil because it is available for sale in various places and for the general public.

What are the benefits of grapefruit essential oil?

Grapefruit essential oil has many virtues. Indeed, it is known to stimulate the body, play a role as an antidepressant, improve blood circulation, and facilitate digestion.

This essential oil is therefore very important for our health. It also helps to take care of our skin, to fight fatigue and depression.

Its two main actions are to fight against water retention and the development of cellulite!

Does grapefruit essential oil make you lose weight? How does it help?

Grapefruit essential oil has been proven to help you lose weight. But “how?” will you tell me; Simply because this fabulous oil acts as a real appetite suppressant.

On its own, it helps to fight obesity and therefore promotes weight loss. The essential oil of grapefruit has a very particular property called anorectic. But what does this mean?

This peculiarity shows that grapefruit essential oil cuts off a person’s hunger to avoid being overweight and it helps to eliminate excess fat.

This grapefruit oil reduces the appetite, so it makes you lose weight! Anyone wishing to lose weight and lose weight easily should use this oil instead of any unnecessary diet.

It is revolutionary and provides exceptional results.


Instructions for use

Grapefruit essential oil must be used in a precise way to lose weight.

  • Olfaction: it can be used by simply smelling the bottle of oil or by putting a drop on a handkerchief for example. This gesture should not exceed 5 inhalations 6 times a day.

A drop diluted in a glass of water will cut your hunger and help control your weight.

  • Massage: Wrist or waist circumference massage with grapefruit essential oil will make you lose fat and it will be visible very quickly.

Attention, for all massages performed with essential oil of grapefruit to lose weight: do not use it as it is on the skin but, mix it with cream or body oil and then perform the massage in question.

Whatever your choice of use of grapefruit essential oil, you should not expose yourself to the sun in the hours following your massage.

Studies that show its effectiveness

Studies exist on the fact that grapefruit essential oil helps to lose weight and therefore helps to lose weight. Thanks to it, you can easily control your weight gain.

A study conducted on rats is revealing. These animals were exposed to grapefruit oil for a quarter of an hour three times a week.

In the end, the oil satisfied their hunger, so they lost weight. Another larger study showed that the presence of limonene in grapefruit essential oil would act as a fat decomposer through its action similar to lipolysis.

A third study carried out on breast samples just revealed that you should not consume more than 2g of limonene per day because it is very harmful in the long term.

In short, grapefruit essential oil is fabulous for its slimming power. It should accompany all people in search of a dream figure!

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