green tea impacts weight loss

How green tea impacts weight loss?

Eat a balanced diet and engage in regular physical activity. Yet, your little belly is still there. However, abdominal fat is not always just a matter of weight. Other factors such as hormonal imbalances, water retention or stress can prevent you from losing belly. How to remedy this, we have the solution. We reveal the benefits of green tea to lose weight!

Lose weight with green tea

The benefits of tea have been known for centuries. Its positive effects make Camellia Sinensis, the tea tree, one of the most studied medicinal plants in the world. Zero-calorie drink par excellence (if of course, you don’t add sugar or honey) green tea is the ally for sustainable weight loss.

Its benefits are numerous:

  • Its consumption allows the reduction of the absorption of lipids by the stomach and the large intestine;
  • Its bitter chemical compounds help fight against sugar cravings;
  • By stimulating the metabolism, it helps to fight against cellulite and participates in the hormonal balance;
  • Its moisturizing power is an asset against water retention;
  • It participates in the balance of the intestinal flora;
  • Rich in antioxidants, it helps fight against the aging of the body.

Choosing green tea to get rid of belly fat

There are more than 1500 varieties of tea in the world. If your wish is to lose weight, we advise you to regularly consume several kinds of tea whose effects complement each other, such as gyokuro to fight against sugar cravings, bancha for its benefits on the intestinal flora and benifuuki for a detoxifying effect and its antioxidant contribution.

Don’t forget that stress is also a factor in being overweight. Your daily consumption should become a moment of serenity. Take the time to indulge yourself and find the combination that suits you.

Drinking green tea to lose weight: a few rules to follow

The tea ceremony in China or Japan is a thousand-year-old art. Of course, you will not need to follow ancestral rituals to benefit from all its virtues.

  • Don’t drink tea at the same time as a meal;
  • Drink one cup 3 to 4 times a day;
  • Do not add sugar;
  • Avoid drinking it after 5 pm. It contains theine, which is a stimulant and can cause sleep problems.

Green tea is therefore an excellent ally for reducing overweight and maintaining an ideal weight in addition to a balanced diet and regular physical activity.

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