How long does it take to refine?

Running to be more refined: the essential information you need to know

Do you want to lose weight or simply refine your figure through sport? This is without a doubt the best way to achieve your goals. Running is one of the most accessible sports. Whether you’re in the city or the countryside, just put on your sneakers and you’re ready to go! Running to lose weight is a solution considered by many people. Let’s see how to jog well to get satisfactory results.

How long should the effort last?

Some optimistic people say that 20 minutes of jogging is enough to lose weight. Others, on the other hand, say that you should spend no less than 40 minutes to hope for tangible results. Fortunately, scientists have studied this phenomenon and have come up with an answer. They have observed that the body burns the fat contained in the blood during the first minutes of exercise. Then, after a good quarter of an hour of running, the fat reserves will be attacked.

In other words, if your goal is only weight loss, you will need to run for more than 15 minutes to attack your body’s fat reserves. Of course, there’s no point in accumulating hours of running at the risk of collapsing from fatigue and muscle injuries.

The intensity of effort: the real key

In reality, the duration of the effort is not the only important criterion. Indeed, the intensity that you put in your race is also decisive. It is simple to understand that the more intense the effort will be (in this case the speed of the race) and the more fat you will burn. So do not hesitate, when you are running to lose weight, to alternate phases of fast running with periods of relaxation (running at low speed and even walking).

Finding your rhythm in the race

Another important factor is the regularity of your efforts. Indeed, you are well aware that it is not enough to run just once a month (even for hours!) to obtain visible results on your body. Try to go at least twice a week. Two 30-minute outings will always be more profitable than one hour-long one. Then, you can increase the pace to 3 or 4 outings per week. Be careful not to push too hard at the beginning, especially if you are just starting to get back into physical activity. Never forget that doing sport must remain a pleasure and that it is essential to keep your motivation intact.

What body parts work during running?

The advantage of running is that it works the body as a whole or almost as a whole. In addition to the cardio-respiratory benefits, it mobilizes several muscle groups, starting, of course, with the legs and buttocks. The abdominal belt is also called upon since it keeps the body stable during the physical effort generated by running. This sport also activates the muscles of the upper body. Indeed, the arms are very useful for general balance during the race.

The importance of a good diet

Running to lose weight is not an end in itself. To obtain lasting results over time and improve your general lifestyle, you will necessarily have to move towards a quality diet. It must be balanced and rich in vegetables and fruit. Also remember to keep yourself well hydrated before, during and after exercise. You should consume at least one and a half litres of water per day.

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