gain weight for men

How to gain weight for men ?

Sports and diets are mainly recommended for losing weight or keeping fit. But in some cases, they can help a man to gain weight. This requires a healthy lifestyle and appropriate exercise.

Good reasons for gain weight

Many men don’t feel good about their bodies because of their skinny size. A body shape that is too skinny can sometimes be the target of mockery, and a BMI that is too low can also become dangerous. It is often mistakenly assumed that weight gain is easier to manage than weight loss. Getting fatter for a man must be done gradually to maintain an iron constitution.
Eating junk food three times a week is not a solution to consider. Fat and sugary food, in addition to being low in nutrients, mainly make you gain bad fat and increases the risk of heart failure. Weight gain should be achieved through the presence of muscle, not fat. To gain these muscles, simple exercises are available.

What diet to put on weight for a man

Gaining weight necessarily involves increasing the amount of food you eat each day. A man who wants to gain weight should not skip a meal and also plan snacks for the day.

The most important thing is to swallow foods with a high energy density, i.e. which provide the most calories for the same weight. In general, these are not very healthy foods. Indeed, they are high in fat and sugar, but perfect alternatives can be found.

Fatty fish, poultry legs, and white meats, in general, are recommended, as well as wholemeal bread, English muffins or cereal bars for snacks. When it comes to vegetables, it is possible to turn to potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas, or legumes. Cream and cheese are allowed. However, you should not overuse these extremely fatty products.

If you like fruit, don’t hesitate to eat dried fruit, which is very rich in calories and good oils. Bananas, grapes, avocados or olives are also good choices for weight gain.

The right exercises to build mass

Getting fatter for a man also means turning weight gain into muscle gain. It is known that muscle weighs heavier than fat, so you may end up with more weight than you had before dieting, even if you don’t feel like you’ve gained weight. If the diet part is not very difficult to set up, the muscle part can quickly become very intense. However, this is the most important thing to gain weight.

To promote muscle building, it is advisable to do fairly intense sessions of one to two hours several times a week. In general, you will be advised to do exercises hard enough to push your muscles to work. The most important thing is to vary the exercises to avoid physical imbalance. Do about 3 to 5 sets for each exercise with rest periods of about one or two minutes in between.

Be careful, however, if you don’t want to lose even more weight, avoid all cardiovascular exercises and short, intense sessions as much as possible. These techniques can be used to lose weight or fat.

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Examples of exercises to do

The bench press: Lie down on a horizontal bench with your feet on the floor or the bench. Take a weight bar, making sure that the distance between your feet is wider than the width of your shoulders. Inhale as you lower the bar, develop and exhale at the end of the effort.

Squat: this is squatting of the legs that can be done with a weight bar or only with the weight of the body. Squatting at the bar requires the assistance of a professional for beginners.

Curl at the bar: with the weight bar, maintain a standing position with your back straight, knees bent and elbows close to your body. Move up and down the bar while controlling the movement. You can vary the exercises by changing the distance between your hands.

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