rid of calf fat

How to get rid of calf fat?

Large calves are one of the most common cosmetic problems. Calves are difficult to hide, as they are a part of the body that remains visible no matter what you do. Wanting to slim calves is common so that you can dress better and be proud of your legs.

Causes of calf fat

Several reasons can be the cause of fat calves.

  • The practice of an intense and muscular sport can, naturally, cause this kind of problem. Muscular mass increases the volume of the calves.
  • They can also be genetic. People with large calves may find that this part of the body is also highly developed in their family members. Genetics is one of the most complex reasons for this because the reasons are in the genes.
  • Excess fat or water retention can also be the cause. If you are rather strong or have a tendency to retain water, it will lodge itself in certain areas of the body, including the calves.

Whatever the cause and reason for the problem, it is of course often possible to do something about it: sport and diet are the first steps to take.

The right eating habits to slim your calves

Since calves are most appreciated when they are thin, especially in the eyes of women. To slim calves, you need to change your diet and choose certain foods and products over others.

Reducing your intake of sugar, fat, and salt is the first thing to do. Besides, it is important to know that fruits and vegetables are the most important allies in any slimming program. They have a detoxifying effect, help eliminate toxins from the body and contain fiber.

To have the healthiest possible diet, make sure you buy your vegetables and fruit at the market or in organic shops. If they are not processed, they will keep all their nutrients and minerals intact.

Whole grains and white – also lean – meats are also to be preferred. Proteins and starchy foods should not be eliminated but chosen with care. Wholemeal starchy foods are not chemically altered and are an excellent source of energy for the body. Make sure that you eat less of them than fruits and vegetables, which must make up the bulk of your diet to lose weight.

Which sports should I favor?

Slimming calves requires sports practice, but beware! Not just any sport, to prevent the opposite from happening. So don’t play on bodybuilding, but on refinement.

  • Walking is a very effective way to do this, as it stretches the calves. Walking for half an hour a day is a good start. However, you should avoid walking with too much muscle, such as uphill walking, as this would increase the mass without refining it.
  • The stepper can also be a solution. You can practice this activity at home, at your own pace. The stepper is similar to walking, with different speeds depending on your preference, and works the calves to stretch the muscles. Daily half-hour sessions are again recommended.
  • Fitness and yoga, combined with stretching sessions, allow you to work on your calves to refine them through stretching movements. This is the case with lunges, in particular, which are very effective in working the calf muscles gently. For fitness, as for yoga, you can do twenty/thirty-minute sessions a day, with a series of fifty movements.

Massages to lose weight in your calves

Some massages can help you lose calves. They drain and play a role in blood circulation, to boost it. To do this, draining movements, downwards, with the help of moisturizing oils, will promote blood circulation and will also stimulate fat cells. These cells will thus burn fat more easily and evacuate the toxins present in the blood.

The palpating-rolling is particularly effective because it energetically massages the area to be treated. It is possible to add oil, particularly a fatty oil, to optimize the effectiveness of the massage. It is possible to enhance it with gestures from the bottom of the calf to the top, to stimulate the area. This massage should be gentle, delicate, but supported. Repeat the gesture for twenty minutes every day.

Anti-cellulite suction pads are also an essential part of the elements that have become essential to destocking fat. They replicate the feel-and-roll method and can be used at home. Take the time to massage your calves with the suction cup, with an upward and downward movement, which drains and promotes the elimination of fat and toxins, for a minimum of ten minutes daily.

Cosmetics to slim calves

Slimming wraps are also a great help, they target fat and do not require special efforts. Apply the product to your calves. Wrap them with a transparent film. Leave on for a few minutes and rinse the product. It is often advisable to reapply several times a week for best results.
They can be used in addition to slimming creams with fruits such as pineapple or flowers such as roses. These creams target leg fats to eliminate them. Apply them in circular massages to penetrate the product.

It is up to each person to find the methods that best suit them to lose calves, depending on the cause of the problem, but also their needs and preferences.

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