How to increase arms for a woman

How to increase arms for a woman?

Some women may need to increase arm size to feel better about their bodies and to be more in harmony with their figure. There are very simple exercises that can be done regularly to achieve this goal.

Triceps and biceps muscles

To build arms and develop muscles easily, it is possible to invest in small dumbbells of 2 or 4 kilos to start with. The simplest and best-known exercise to strengthen your biceps is the bending with the dumbbell. Be careful to do this exercise only with the arm and not to make a swinging movement with the rest of the body.

Triceps strengthening is just as important for arm growth, but this part of the body is sometimes forgotten. The triceps extension is a good exercise for a woman looking to gain some volume in her arms: take one dumbbell in both hands and place it behind your head, then move upwards while stretching your arms. One-sided triceps kickback can also be a very good exercise when done regularly. Lean over a small square table so that your upper body is at right angles to your lower body. Take a dumbbell and place your arm in line with your upper body. Bend your arm at a right angle and then lift it backward. Repeat this movement 4 to 6 times, and do 2 to 3 sets.

The importance of regular training to increase arm strength

To build up your arms, it is important to train regularly but not to overdo it. In general, a sports coach recommends about 8 to 10 sets of exercises for the triceps, with 10 to 15 repetitions. In reality, daily, we naturally work the biceps through the gestures we perform. We can, therefore, be satisfied with 6 to 10 series with about 10 repetitions.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not recommended to train every day to take arms. This kind of behavior can even have a counterproductive effect. Indeed, it is during the recovery period that the muscle can gain in volume, serenely. Carry out one or two sessions per week dedicated solely to arm training.

For an optimal effect, trainers recommend starting the sessions with more weight, even if it means reducing the number of repetitions. At the end of the session, it is possible to lighten the weight and increase the number of repetitions.

Favor a good diet to build up your arms

For a woman, as for a man, it is impossible to enlarge the arms without putting weight on other parts of the body. The only solution is to strengthen this part of the body. However, diet plays a particularly important role during the bodybuilding periods.

Try to find a good balance between protein and carbohydrate intakes. Protein will help build muscle but the body needs carbohydrates to keep up during exercise and maintain a good metabolism through physical activity. It is possible to eat eggs, meat, pasta, potatoes or fish to give the body some fuel.

The rest of the diet should consist of fruit and vegetables to get arms. You should avoid refined sugars that have a glycemic index that is a little too high for the body. Foods rich in saturated fats should also be avoided. They contribute to the formation of bad cholesterol. With this in mind, choose white meats rather than fatty meats such as lamb or mutton.

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