What is the ideal thigh circumference

What is the ideal thigh circumference?

When we talk about a perfect or harmonious body, we often refer to the waist or hip circumference. However, while many women dream of perfect thighs, the ideal thigh circumference is rarely mentioned. Does it really exist? Have formulas been developed to calculate the perfect thigh circumference? How do you measure your thigh circumference?

Beauty rather than health

In contrast to the waist circumference, which is also used as an indicator of the risk of health problems, the perfect thigh circumference, like the hip circumference, rather meets aesthetic criteria. Because even if an excess of fat in the lower part of the body is a sign of overweight or even obesity, it is not really dangerous for your health. The only risks that excess fat in the thighs can cause are blood circulation problems or painful cellulite. The perfect thigh circumference is therefore not a medical goal to be achieved to maintain health, but rather a beauty ideal that corresponds to our vision of a harmonious body. Women with a gynoid (pear-shaped) body shape will naturally tend to store fat in their hips, buttocks, and thighs. Genetics, therefore, implies that some people will have to work much harder than others to achieve the thigh circumference they consider ideal. This dream thigh circumference is not a medical measure, so it is subject to fashion trends and inevitably variable Indeed, according to the times and the tastes of each one, the canons of beauty have changed enormously From the chubby muses of the Renaissance to today’s slender mannequins, tastes in beauty have fluctuated widely.

Calculating the ideal thigh circumference

Far from the challenge of the thigh gap, which had its heyday among teenage girls a few years ago, or the image of skinny models, the only calculations of the perfect thigh circumference that exist have been developed by sportsmen and women. They used rules of symmetry and proportion to develop formulas to obtain a harmonious body, based on our basic morphology. Steeve Reeves is a renowned bodybuilder from the 1940s. He set up a system of calculations based on the proportions of his own body to obtain the ideal measurements of a harmonious body. Thus, we can calculate the size that each part of our body should be by relating it to another part of the body. According to Steeve Reeves, the thigh circumference should be proportional to the knee circumference. Once the knee circumference is measured, the knee circumference must be multiplied by 1.75 to get the perfect thigh circumference. John McCallum, also a bodybuilder, developed the most widely used method of calculating ideal body measurements for setting goals for physical appearance today. He used the measurements of body parts from several Misters America to establish his formulas for calculating the perfect body. John McCallum has chosen to use waist circumference as a base index. The bone density of the wrist correctly reflects the general morphology. According to McCallum, to obtain your perfect thigh circumference, you have to multiply your wrist circumference by 0.53. Other methods of calculating the ideal thigh circumference exist. For example, some have analyzed the measurements of many beauty queens to come up with stable formulas. Indeed, the thigh circumference of the Miss is generally 40 cm smaller than their pelvis circumference.

How do you measure your thigh circumference?

You now know what calculations allow you to obtain your perfect thigh circumference, but to be able to situate yourself, you still need to know how to take your measurements correctly. The size of the thighs can vary greatly depending on the position you are in and where on the thigh you take your measurements. To obtain a correct result, you should therefore stand up and take your measurements with a tape measure at the widest part of your thighs. If you don’t have a tape measure, take a piece of string and run it around your thigh, then measure it with a ruler.

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