labradorite properties

labradorite properties

Labradorite has a hardness of 6 to 6.5 and was discovered in Labrador, hence its name. This stone is fascinating by its visual aspect, its brightly coloured reflections vary according to the angle of view. Its reflections cover the whole chromatic palette, it is however more common to find bluish, green or golden reflections.

Virtues of labradorite on the emotional and spiritual:

The labradorite is very well known in energy therapy because it is the ally of practitioners and people in a context of helping and listening to the person. Indeed this stone helps to avoid the empathic inconveniences felt, it protects from the evil being of others. Often when we are in contact with a sick person or energetically unbalanced it impacts us more or less deeply depending on the sensitivity of each person. The sick person releases bad energies or is in great need of energy and therefore automatically siphons off the energy of the people around him or her. Feeling drained after having been in contact with certain people is quite common especially if you have a predisposition to be sensitive and empathetic, Labradorite will protect you from this negative interaction. The golden labradorite (with golden reflections only) will have an action on the intellect, allowing a greater rest of the mind.

Effects on the physical for lithotherapy:

In addition to its protective effect, labradorite is defatigating, one will carry it at the time of great tiredness, or exhaustion. If you wear it in the evening and that you do not manage to sleep withdrawn there. some use it for the rest of the sight, then it will be rather a blue labradorite which it will be necessary to use.

Purification and recharging:

After a while the stone has given all the energy it could, it needs to regain its energy to bring you its benefits again. It can be energetically purified by immersing it for several hours in demineralized water, no salt for this mineral. For more efficiency, you can then charge it in the sun or in natural light, or place the labradorite on a large rock crystal.

The price of labradorite is affordable.
Signs of the zodiac
This stone is particularly suitable for the signs of Sagittarius, cancer, fish.
The labradorite finds its place at the level of the fourth chakra of the heart, it strengthens it.

Inwhat form
In stores it can be found worked in the form of jewellery, beads, such as labradorite bracelets, necklaces or labradorite pendants. Lithotherapy minerals are also often worn as rolled (polished) stones. Raw labradorite is placed on a piece of furniture because if it is worn in a pocket, its irregular edges will damage clothing.

According to its deposits and its colours labradorite can have different names, spectrolite for those with very strong reflections, larkivite for dark Norwegian labradorites with beautiful iridescence.

Lithotherapy is part of alternative energy therapies, it does not replace so-called modern medicine. The given meanings and properties are taken from the experiences of users, cultures and reference books in the field. For any medical problem please consult your doctor.

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