Is lipomassage effective for slimming?

Is lipomassage effective for slimming?

There are many methods for slimming, and they are becoming more and more widespread. However, it is necessary to know how to distinguish those that are effective in the long term from those that do not work. Find out if lipo massage does help you get slimmer.

Lipomassage: what is it?

This is a mechanical palpating-rolling technique that massages an area. The combination of palpating-rolling and suction stimulates the hypodermis. It is in this layer of the skin that is located the adipocytes – fat cells that store fat – and the fibroblasts, which are our cells that support the skin.
The skin is one of the emunctories intended to evacuate waste, essentially toxins and toxins, this massage stimulates its activity, blood circulation and plays a detoxifying role, in addition to its primary role of slimming

Stimulating fat cells is essential. Indeed, it allows fat to be released and eliminated naturally by the body. This is how slimming will take place: the slimming massage device will play its role as a stimulant by destocking the fat that the body can easily eliminate.

Where to perform a lipo massage?

Slimming treatments of this kind take place within the beauty and health areas. It is possible to do them in beauty salons, spas, at some physiotherapists, after consulting your doctor.
Indeed, a slimming massage device offers a mechanical massage, based on blood and lymphatic drainage. It is not suitable for everyone. It can be contradictory to certain other treatments, problems or treatments in progress.

If you can do so, you will have to count between 40 and 60 euros for a session, depending on the location.
Please note that results start to appear around the fifth or sixth session. The number of sessions is to be discussed with the professional, some areas require a more or less long treatment. It takes at least ten sessions to obtain optimal results.

During the session, in most health/wellness areas, you will have to wear full-body tights to ensure the best possible comfort and hygiene. You may also be asked to perform muscle contractions to increase the effectiveness of the slimming massage.

Homemade lipo message: it’s possible!

It is now possible to dispense with institutes and other treatment areas to refine oneself!
Doing this massage at home, with a specific and effective device allows you to do your sessions at your own pace. You can thus treat the most problematic areas: love handles, thighs, stomach, buttocks or even the arms to refine them.

Today, there are very efficient and effective devices on the market. This has multiple advantages:

  • carry out your sessions at home,
  • optimize the cost
  • treat all areas that feel the need.

Lipomassage: it works!

Daily treatment of a quarter of an hour is enough to be effective. Thus, the area is treated thanks to the massage which drains deeply and refines it.
The cells of the hypodermis are reactivated, stimulated and will thus be boosted in their functioning, which will lead to the slimming of the treated part of the body. The skin is firmed, thanks to the action on the support cells, smoothed, and more toned.

Your session allows you to completely revitalize the treated area. The massage is complete and touches the deepest layer of the skin.
It is in this layer, the hypodermis, that the most important cells are located: fat cells, support cells, and the cells that provide elasticity to the skin.

A complete action for a redoubled efficiency, and healthier skin!

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