How to lose weight from your neck

How to lose weight from your neck?

The part of the body that stores fat is not the same for everyone. In any case, a round neck can be synonymous with a double chin, non-existent clavicles. This can be embarrassing. So, how do you get rid of the round neck?

Why do you have fat in your neck?

The famous double chin weighs down the face and tends to age it, in addition to being quite unsightly. The features lose a lot of finesse, which can bother you. But where does this fat in the neck come from?

Of course, it can simply be the cause of overweight: adipocytes, fat cells, store fat in different parts of the body, depending on each individual. It may end up becoming a double chin. To this can be added aging, when the skin becomes slack, which ends up giving the same result.

What are the exercises to lose weight in your neck?

Neck strengthening is one of the best ways to lose weight in the neck. In this way, your neck will gradually lose its fat while becoming firmer.
Rotation exercises are the best way to achieve this. They do not require intensive sports practice, only time.

It’s called facial gymnastics:

  • With your head straight, open your mouth and flex your tendons for ten seconds. You’ll feel them swelling, which means they’re getting stronger.
  • Pull your tongue out in front of you so that you can feel your tendons tighten. Again, hold the position for a few seconds before releasing the pressure.

These exercises are recommended by Catherine Pez, a specialist in facial gymnastics.

For optimal efficiency, you should make sure to do these exercises daily, it will also help to get quicker results. The aim is to use the same muscles that are used during mastication: the elevating muscles (masseter, temporal, and pterygoid muscles), which are the most important.
Chewing – chewing gum, for example, without sugar – can help you understand which of these muscles to work.

Massages to lose weight in the neck?

When taking care of your face, you may tend to forget the neck area. However, it should be part of it, when it comes to well-being.
Massaging the skin with slimming creams and serums daily will be very effective in losing neck fat.

You’ll always have to do these massages by lifting the skin because the skin on the neck falls off.
The purpose of these massages is to firm the skin, to give it back tone and vitality. The neck is an important area, it supports the face and is often highlighted, even without meaning to necklaces, necklines … It is one of the areas that we see in priority, so we might as well take care of it!

Lose weight from neck: what diet?

Food plays a major role in any weight loss, it is the most effective booster to help you eliminate fat and regain a healthier skin.
Limiting the intake of fats, sugars – especially refined sugars – and salt is the first step to lose neck fat. Instead, you need to return to a diet based on nutrients rather than calorie intake.
Fruits and vegetables are recommended, natural ones of course, as well as whole – or semi-complete cereals for a supply of fiber, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients and vitamins. Stop all consumption of sodas, alcohol and other drinks rich in sugars to drink more water: in the form of herbal teas, teas or teas, to limit water retention and eliminate toxins.

Losing weight in the neck area requires you to pay as much attention to your diet as to the maintenance of this area.

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