Male body shapes or morphology types

Male body shapes or morphology types

We hear a lot about morphology in women, but did you know that there are also different types of morphology for a man? We will then introduce you to the different male body shapes and their characteristics. Morphology in rectangle, diamond, triangle, inverted triangle or oval? Discover gentlemen, what is your silhouette.

The H or rectangular morphology

Men with a rectangular body shape have shouldered the width of their hips. Their waist is very slight. They have a square build. They have a rather flat torso and relatively little belly. This is a fairly common silhouette in men. Almost half of the men have this type of morphology.

Example of a man with rectangular morphology: Hugh Grant

The morphology in O or oval

The morphology in O represents a rather generous corpulence. This type of body for a man is defined through an excess of weight in the upper half of the body. These are men with a little belly. More than a quarter of men have this figure.

Example of a man with an oval morphology: Elton John

The morphology in A or triangle

In men, this morphology is quite rare. Usually, they are rather round men. The waist and hips are wider than the shoulders. Indeed, the excess weight is in the middle of the body.

Example of a man with the triangle morphology: Michael McIntyre

The V or inverted triangle morphology

The V-shaped morphology is the reference morphology. It represents the dream figure for many men. The bust and shoulders are broad and muscular, the waist is slim. The silhouette is slender and the legs are thin. They are often muscular men who spend time at the gym or who are very sporty.

Example of a man with a V-shaped morphology: Zac Efron, Cristiano Ronaldo, Usain Bolt

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The diamond morphology

The diamond-shaped morphology is one of the types of morphology for a man who is not very present. It resembles the rectangular morphology except that the shoulders are more developed. Thus, the shoulders are slightly larger than the hips.

Example of a man with a diamond-shaped morphology: Daniel Craig