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Nutrition Experts Find Onions Help Control Hypertension

Consuming onions in an adequate amount can help people control high blood pressure. Not only that: a group of experts in nutrition has discovered that this vegetable is ideal for preventing certain cardiovascular diseases, so it should be present in the diets of all kinds of people.

Motunrayo Oduneye, chief dietician at Ibadan University Hospital in Nigeria, explained to the ‘Tribune Online’ that the anti-inflammatory properties and flavonoids in onions could help dissolve blood clots in hypertensive patients, thereby reducing blood pressure.

Onions and garlic can help prevent heart attacks, strokes and thrombosis

Not only that: Oduneye also said that this food helps reduce the cholesterol level in obese patients who are hypertensive: “Onions contain a particular flavonoid called quercetin that triggers a healthy reaction in hypertensive patients. Quercetin has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects that can help reduce inflammation, kill cancer cells, control blood sugar and prevent heart disease.

The Benefits of Vegetables

These benefits are very important for medical professionals and nutritionists to recommend the consumption of onions and other vegetables: “We advise diabetic and hypertensive patients to eat plenty of vegetables to accompany their carbohydrate foods. Eating onions could help lower blood pressure: you can mix an onion in white rice, but you have to keep in mind that it has to be steamed with little heat so you don’t lose its health benefits.

Consuming onions may help decongest blood clots in hypertensive patients, reducing blood pressure

According to Oduneye, among these onion benefits are the strengthening of the immune system or the fight against cardiovascular diseases, making it one of the best natural medicines known. In addition, they are very rich in vitamin C and may be used as antibiotics in certain cases.

Instead of using antibiotics for bacterial infections, especially if the cough is being treated, one solution is to cut a certain amount of raw onions to eat throughout the morning before the meal,” he explains. The nutrition expert also assures that the high fiber content of this food is another great advantage of onions for health.