Our psychologist’s opinion about eating disorders

As part of its quality approach, Passeportsanté.net invites you to discover the opinion of a health professional. Psychologist Laure Deflandre gives you her opinion on eating disorders.

“A person suffering from eating disorders should first consult his or her usual doctor, who will carry out the necessary tests (blood tests in particular) to detect any deficiencies and, if necessary, refer him or her to an appropriate health professional or hospital team. For this type of pathology, most of the time, an intervention with a nutritionist is offered to the person. In addition, it may also be necessary, depending on the patient’s age and disorder, for the patient to undertake psychotherapeutic follow-up in order to be supported in his or her dietary lifestyle change and to manage his or her often pathogenic lifestyle associated with eating disorders (Eating Disorders). Psychotherapy may also be used to treat anxiety and depression disorders frequently found in people with ACT.

This psychotherapy can be practiced in a group or individually, it will allow the subject to recognize his disorder and also to appreciate the impact it has on the family and the dysfunctions that contribute to maintaining the disease. It can be psychoanalytical or cognitive-behavioural. »

Laure Deflandre, psychologist

Scientific Editor: Marine Corniou
Revising doctor: Laure Deflandre
On-line publication date: January 2019