proteins should I take to gain weight

What proteins should I take to gain weight?

A few years ago, high-protein diets were recommended for weight loss. However, they can also help you gain weight. To do so, they must be combined with reasonable nutritional practices and sufficient and effective physical activity. What proteins should you take to gain weight? That depends on your nutritional needs and your tastes.

The role of proteins in the body

Proteins are part of the macro-nutrients that are essential for the body to function. They are made up of amino acids that are sometimes essential because the body cannot synthesize some of them to satisfy all its needs. A diet containing a certain amount of protein is, therefore, necessary to help our body function properly.

Proteins have an energetic role for the body but this is not their main function. They mainly have a structural role that participates in the body’s cell renewal, particularly in the muscles, dander (hair, hair, and nails), bones and skin.

Some proteins also have a physiological role. They are found in the form of digestive enzymes to help assimilate food molecules. It is also found in the form of immunoglobulin to help protect the body from external aggression. Hemoglobin or certain hormones are also made up of proteins.

Proteins for faster weight gain

Some people use the high-protein diet to lose weight, but it is more suitable for weight gain. It allows you to consume more calories while eating healthy foods.

As part of a weight gain diet, it is important to consume about 300 to 500 calories more than the usual recommended intake based on your daily physical activity. This extra intake normally results in a weight gain of about 500 grams per week. However, this varies from person to person depending on basic metabolism.

You can make the most of your extra protein intake by increasing your physical activity. Sports that focus on cardio are not necessarily recommended, prefer bodybuilding exercises. They will put more weight on the scales while ensuring a more athletic body. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice from a nutritionist and a sports coach if you want to gain weight and build up your body in the best possible conditions. But what proteins should you take to gain weight?

Protein-rich foods to be preferred

Having trouble identifying recommended foods and wondering what protein to take to gain weight? Then you should know that, contrary to popular belief, protein can be found in both animal and vegetable sources.

  • Meat is one of the richest foods because of the presence of muscle fibers.
  • Fatty fish, eggs, and dairy products are also among the most important sources of protein.
  • If you prefer vegetable sources to increase your intake of vitamins and fiber, you can turn to legumes: beans, lentils, chickpeas, soybeans, and peanuts are very rich in protein to help you gain weight.
  • Vegetables include broccoli, Brussels sprouts, potatoes, spinach, and even nettles.

To increase your protein intake, try to vary the sources. Don’t eat only meat, or only legumes or vegetables. The body needs intakes from different sources to function at full capacity.

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