Quickly lose weight - 2023

Quickly lose weight – up to 10kg in 30 days!

Quickly slim – as fast as possible, as much as possible. Best to have five kilos in the first week. Without much bells and whistles and background information. Is that what you want?

Every year people have New Year’s resolutions. Live healthier, lose weight quickly and regain the figure I had when I was 18. And every year 90% of all diets fail anew. More than 60% of all Germans are now overweight.

What’s the problem? Is it the wrong weight loss advice? Is it the lack of discipline and stamina? And what distinguishes a good diet from a bad one?

Hi, my name is Martin Auerswald. I am a studied biochemist, book author and coach and have been involved with such topics for many years. I try to read as many books, scientific studies and blogs as possible about topics such as weight loss, for example, and then unite this knowledge and pack it easily.

And what is often preached with the topic slimming … there the neck hairs stand up to me.

Slimming quickly – the short version

If you are here to simply get a quick and handy checklist to help you lose weight healthily, sustainably and quickly, just scroll down to the end of this article. There I placed my proven action plan on healthy weight loss.

With this weight loss plan and good discipline (and fun with it) it is possible to lose up to 4 kg in the first week, then about 1 to 2 kg a week. In the first month up to 10 kg are possible – that’s a lot!

If that sounds good for you, you can scroll down to the action plan, print the checklist and start right away. Have fun with it!

Fast removal – the long version

Which I haven’t said yet, but I like to keep it quiet:

The weight loss is always proportional to the fat mass. So when I write that 10 kg of weight loss is possible in the first month, I mean people who are really overweight. People with a mass of 130 kg and more have a significantly higher fat mass than an 80 kg heavy student who is somewhat pudgy.

But even this student loses, provided he adheres to the action plan, a considerable amount of fat, only not as fast as heavily overweight people. 3 – 4 kg in the first month are in this case more realistic, well doable and still quite a lot, don’t you think?

This article is like a super effective book on fast weight loss – a weight loss that is fast, effective, doable, sustainable and without the yo-yo effect. Science and years of experience have to come together to master such a complex topic as fast weight loss (also with the Atkins diet).

If it were easy, everyone would do it and then 50 million people in Germany wouldn’t be overweight, would they?

So, you’re here because you want to change something and you’re ready to try something! In the following I tell you proven slimming tricks. I have learned that clients do the diet better and longer if they understand the background of the action plan – i.e. they don’t just want to follow it, they also want to know how it works.

But don’t worry, reading this article will only cost you a few minutes and you will be rewarded, promised!

Slimming fast – The four pillars of healthy weight loss

An overview of the most important pillars of healthy weight loss – scientifically founded, suitable for everyday use and validated by years of experience:

Column #1: The right food

The right food should be full, tasty, suppress cravings, stimulate the metabolism and maximize fat burning.

  • Avoid cereals and cereal products such as bread, pasta, rice, cornflakes, chips and fast food.
  • Also avoid sugar and anything that contains industrial sugar. If there should be any desire (with me it is Nutella), write it down on a piece of paper and enjoy it on your Cheat Day (explanation follows).
  • The best sources of carbohydrates are the following (you can eat as much as you want): pulses, potatoes, carrots, pumpkins and berries.
  • Put rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, margarine and soya oil in the trash and buy a decent olive oil (see article); use organic beef tallow for frying or, if you like, extra virgin coconut oil (Aldi, DM or Amazon)*.
  • Eat all the vegetables you can. The more colourful and fresh the vegetables, the better.
  • Eat fruit only after exercise, but don’t overdo it with the crowd.
  • If you like muesli, mix one of natural yoghurt, linseed, chia seed, protein powder or other protein sources and berries. This muesli is healthy, though less sweet than the sugared junk you usually buy, and it helps you lose weight quickly. The best quality protein powders in Germany are Whey* and Collagen* from Primal State.
  • Eat plenty of protein in the form of meat, fish, eggs and some healthy fats. Always make sure that everything is natural (Wiener Würstchen and Pfefferbeißer are not meat, take rather a good steak).

These few lines contain the core essence of five years of study, scientific analysis and countless books. Broken down to the bare essentials. You can start right away. The choice of food is huge if you go to a big supermarket with this list. Take a good look around the vegetable counter or the meat counter.

My insider tip: A free weight loss plan for you!

I would like to show you a free 7-day slimming schedule*. It contains great and tasty recipes with which you can easily lose weight. It’s really free, and I’d like to recommend it to you. You can download it here for free*.

If you liked the weight loss plan, you can also buy the complete book here*. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee – if you don’t like it 100%, you will get your money back immediately and can keep the book. I have read and applied it and can only say: It has become really great and helps you a lot in losing weight. I have rarely seen so many great slimming recipes. You can get to the book here*.

Column #2: Sports

Which sport – lose weight quickly?

If you want to lose weight quickly and sustainably, sport is the turbo. Losing weight is also possible without it, but with sport it is much faster, about twice as fast, possible. Good sport is also fun and has a social aspect when you do it together with friends.

You will achieve the best weight loss results if you do endurance sports twice a week and strength sports twice a week.

Endurance sports should be practised for at least 30 minutes at a time, ideally 60 minutes. The two most effective sports are jogging and swimming. Tight hiking, cycling and, if necessary, the crosstrainer in the gym are also fine as long as you get into a sweat.

Weight training should be highly intensive and always involve the whole body. The gym is the classic. Train your whole body for 1 hour and stick to the following exercises: Bench press, knee bend, crucifix lift, cable rudders, push-ups, pull-ups, dips. And please forget sit-ups and biceps curls ?

In this way you do good and strenuous sports four times a week. Both the cardiovascular system and your entire muscles are trained and stimulated to burn fat. On the remaining three days I recommend a long and strenuous walk, in the best case in nature.

Further valuable information can also be found in fitness blogs.

The four units of endurance and weight training can also be replaced by a very intensive team sport, if you practice it. It should be so exhausting that you sweat for at least 30 minutes, e.g. through handball, football, Ultimate Frisbee or good circuit training.

Pillar #3: Activity in everyday life

Eating healthy and doing sports for an hour every now and then is all very well. But what about the remaining 22 hours of the day? Ideally, you will also be active and try to integrate the following points into your everyday life in order to increase your success once again:

10.000 steps per day

This rule of thumb is really a good one, as this small challenge automatically integrates more exercise into everyday life. Whether on the way to work, at work, walking or jogging – with 10,000 steps a day you automatically commit yourself to burning fat. Use a pedometer, a Smartwatch* or a suitable app on your smartphone.

Working standing up

Try to work as much as possible while standing (see slimming without diet) instead of sitting. Relocate your work to a suitable place where you can stand, add a bar table (Ikea) or deliberately look for work that allows you to stand.

If you work 8 hours standing instead of sitting, you will burn 300-400 kcal more a day. That’s almost a bar of chocolate! And that just by the way … by standing!


Try walking to work on the way. If there’s anything you can do about it, do it! Intentionally park a little further away or take 10 minutes more time to walk instead of taking the bus. This side activity in everyday life makes a big difference.

Cold shower

Cold water withdraws an incredible amount of warmth and energy from the body. Your body becomes the ultimate fat burning machine. So start your day with a nice cold shower:

First take a hot shower for 1 to 2 minutes to wake up, then turn the tap to completely cold, until it stops. Try to breathe deeply for at least one minute and keep the water temperature. If a minute doesn’t seem problematic to you anymore, make it 3 minutes. If this works, it’ll take five minutes. This cold shower increases your energy consumption again by at least 100-200 kcal.

As part of a good morning routine, cold showers are awesome!

Of course, there are more things you could integrate into everyday life, but these are the most proven. And they are really easy to integrate. I promise!

Column #4: Mindset – The right way to think

Slimming down quickly is also a matter of the mind. When the brain realises that you don’t really want to or that something is wrong, problems like lack of motivation, cravings and depression follow. With the right thinking and the right tricks, you can handle it.

Mindset is the reason why almost all diets fail. But I have some unexpectedly good tips for you that will motivate you to stay tuned and do the whole thing!

Before-After Pictures

Take your smartphone or your Digi-Cam and take a picture of yourself in front of a white wall in your underwear. You repeat this procedure every week (or every two weeks) in the same place and at the same time (the best time is 22 o’clock). So you can concretely record your weekly progress (or not, but then you probably weren’t disciplined enough this week ? ).

Place a bet

This point’s pretty weird:

First set yourself a slimming target. Why do you want to lose weight quickly and how much weight do you want to lose? Your goal should be feasible, but also mean something for you and change something for you. If the chubby 80 kg student would like to weigh 70 kg, that’s 10 kg difference. Three months is realistic.

Tell a trusted person about this goal and bet money that you can do it. With an amount of money that would hurt you.

I’m not kidding. Give the money to this person for safekeeping. If you do not reach your goal, this person may either keep the money or donate it to a reprehensible organization (e.g. NPD). This trick is incredibly valuable because you are betting on an amount of money that you would really like to keep. At the same time, you not only lose the money, but in the worst case it is donated to a dubious organization.

Everything in you wants to prevent that!

As absurd as this point may sound here, it is my serious point and really works. Because if you make this bet, you’ve got two good reasons under your butt to win this bet!

Measuring instead of weighing

I’m not a fan of weighing. The weight is misleading, measure your waist and hip circumference instead. Add both up and repeat once a week. Together with the pictures, you always have an eye on what is changing in you.

Accountability Buddy

This is someone who has exactly the same goal as you and supports you in this. A friend who also wants to lose weight quickly. Discuss your strategy together, cook and eat together, play sports together.

Together it makes much, much more fun than alone!

These were actually the four pillars that guarantee fast and successful weight loss. The more of this you do, the better. At the end of this article you will find these four pillars again as a clear and practical checklist. But first I would like to answer some frequently asked questions:

Is a cheat day allowed?

After a few weeks of the slimming program, your inner resistance and piggy will stir. The desire for certain foods increases immeasurably. When you reach this point, you can dig in one day a week. So just eat whatever you want.

On one condition: You have to do one hour more sport on this day, no matter if endurance sports or weight training. You have to complete this one hour – it is your compromise, so to speak – then you can eat whatever you feel like. The next day your weight loss program continues as usual.

Do I have to count calories?

Of course you can count calories if you want, but losing weight also works without it. If you would like to count, then calculate your absolute basal metabolic rate and eat exactly as much as you need, not more.

All activities in the everyday life and with the sport are then exactly what lets you lose weight fast. That’s more than enough. But the amount of calories for your basal metabolic rate you should eat.

Is this a starvation diet?

Of course, you don’t have to suffer from hunger. With the food mentioned, you can cut in as you please. It is almost impossible to overeat yourself with healthy and natural foods, because they contain protein, are rich in fibre (good for digestion) and are incredibly satisfying.

This is a balanced and multi-layered weight loss program where you should always be satisfied.

What is the easiest way to put a meal together?

Since this question is also frequently asked, here is a little help for the composition of the food on your plate:

  • One fist protein (meat, fish, eggs, protein powder, …)
  • A fist of fiber (vegetables, berries, linseed, chia seed, …)
  • A fist with healthy carbohydrates or fats

About this amount, about this composition. That’s all. An exemplary breakfast would be a natural yoghurt with protein powder (protein sources), a handful of berries (fibre) and three tablespoons of linseed (healthy fats) or an apple (carbohydrates).

An exemplary dinner would be a Faust broccoli, a nice steak and three potatoes with olive oil over it, so that it is not too dry.

I’m always tired and my thoughts are all about food. What am I doing wrong?

Eat more! The listed foods remain the same. More fish, more eggs, more greens, more potatoes, more healthy snacks and tasty things. Simply more of it, beautifully seasoned and tastifully prepared.

Are canned food allowed?

Canned foods may not be as healthy as fresh vegetables, but they are also ok. Most of the vegetables I eat come from the freezer (80%), the rest come from the can or are fresh.

What about breakfast?

Absolutely! Immediately early after getting up and after a cold shower I recommend a protein-rich breakfast, because this really heats up the hormones (e.g. increase testosterone)! Twice a week you can skip breakfast and just have a cup of coffee or tea, but not more often. Experience shows that a high-protein breakfast (see breakfast ideas) is better for losing weight quickly than for skipping it every day.

More tips to make losing weight easier and faster

  • Avoid fruit juices, because they have nothing in common with fruit anymore.
  • Drink lots of water and herbal tea (my favorites are peppermint tea and ginger tea).
  • Never underestimate the effect of proteins and fibre! So grab on to linseed, chia seed and protein.
  • Drink 1-2 cups of coffee in the morning and 1-2 cups of tea in the afternoon to increase fat burning. Experience has shown that the best effect is achieved in this constellation.
  • Unprocessed food should always have priority over processed food because it has a higher health value on the one hand and ensures more saturation on the other – and that is the aim.
  • Eat slowly and without distraction (TV off, smartphone off). Enjoy the food.
  • Healthy sleep: sleep enough, 8 hours is a very good rule of thumb.
  • Use dietary supplements such as L-Carnitine (see slimming supplements) to speed up the process of rapid weight loss.
  • Get a good morning routine to be fit, energetic and motivated up to the tips of your hair every morning.

The perfect day to lose weight quickly – What could it look like?

A proposal for a good day in which both productivity and the goal (losing weight) are firmly integrated:

This could be a good day to help you achieve your goal. Of course, this day supports every goal, but especially you. That’s what it looks like for me, with these meals if I want to lose a few kilos quickly.

Finally, I promised you a beautiful action plan. Thank you for reading this far. Now what? Have fun trying it out!

The feeling when you have reached your goal. Your efforts will be rewarded. The result will be impressive! 

Fast weight loss – your action plan for fast, effective and sustainable weight loss

  1. Avoid cereals, gluten and any cereal products.
  2. Also avoid sugar, sweets and fruit juices.
  3. Avoid fast food, junk food and other industrial products.
  4. Eat gusto pulses, starchy vegetables such as potatoes, vegetables of all colours, berries, unprocessed meat, fish, eggs, linseed, chia seeds and yoghurt
  5. Use olive oil, beef tallow, pasture butter or coconut oil for cooking.
  6. Only eat fruit after exercise.
  7. Don’t be afraid of protein powder. It supports you in your goals. Whey* and collagen* of the highest quality are best suited for this purpose.
  8. Do endurance sports twice a week for at least 30 minutes, really sweating.
  9. Do weight training twice a week, using the whole body.
  10. On the other three days a tight and long walk is enough.
  11. Team sports are also okay as long as you sweat a lot.
  12. Reach 10,000 steps every day.
  13. If possible, work standing instead of sitting.
  14. Integrate movement into your journey to work.
  15. Start the day full of energy with a cold shower (3-5 minutes are ideal).
  16. Shoot before and after pictures weekly.
  17. Measure your belly and waist circumference weekly.
  18. Don’t get crazy about the scales when the weight seems to be stagnating. Muscles are heavier than fat.
  19. Find yourself an Accountability Buddy.
  20. If you place a bet where a trusted person of your choice donates a large amount of your money to a dubious organization (e.g. the NPD), you should not achieve your goal. Believe me, you will reach your goal guaranteed!
  21. After a few weeks, you can really dig in one day a week and eat whatever you feel like. The only condition: one additional hour of sport on this day.
  22. Always take a deep breath and enjoy life.
  23. Reduce stress when everything becomes too much.
  24. Visualize your goal every day. What do you look like when you reach it, and how does it feel? Do it every day!
  25. Get the free low-carb nutrition plan

If you would like to have the most important points from this article and a few secret extra tips in a protocol, we have something else for you: Our simple slimming protocol – the best slimming tips and their implementation on over 120 pages!

Conclusion – Fast weight loss – The action plan with guaranteed success!

This is basically the action plan for effective and sustainable weight loss. Print out this action plan and follow it through until you have reached your desired weight. This plan is, as said, proven and a decent weight loss of a few kilos per month are loosely feasible.

If you can’t lose weight at all, maybe this article will help you: Why don’t I lose weight?

If you need additional support, I can strongly recommend this free weight loss plan* and, if you like, the corresponding very nice e-book*. It is certainly the best there is in Germany at the moment. And the best: If you are not satisfied, then you can immediately demand your money back, without stress and 100% guaranteed!

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