lose the inner thighs

How to slim inner thighs quickly?

Not satisfied with the image your mirror reflects to you every morning, you desperately look for ways to lose your inner thighs quickly. Fortunately, touching thighs is not a fatality. There are different methods to dislodge the fat present on your adductors, the internal muscles of your thighs and to strengthen the inner thighs.

Take care of your diet to get rid of thigh fat

Getting rid of the inner thighs quickly is already equivalent to losing weight on the whole body. To do this, you must banish foods that are high in fat, sugar or salt. It is needless to say: sodas, fast food and pizzas should be limited as much as possible.

Conversely, eat fruits and vegetables, lean white meats or low-fat dairy products without moderation – the ultimate slimming allies. Finally, drink plenty of water, at least 1.5 liters a day. In addition to hydrating yourself, this will help you avoid cravings during the day.

Exercises to slim the inner thighs: a matter for sportsmen and women

Forget about the miracle that will magically make you lose thighs and go for your sneakers! Regular exercise is the only method, in addition to a healthy diet, that will allow you to lose fat and build inner thigh muscles.

To do this, it’s best to favor sports aimed at working the lower body, such as walking, jogging, or cycling. These will help you to build up your inner thighs gently while mobilizing your entire body.

Getting rid of your inner thighs quickly requires targeted exercises, for which we provide you with all the keys. Practiced daily, these exercises aim to work the adductor muscles in-depth, to dislodge bad fat and restore your girlish figure.

The side slots

Lateral lunges are particularly effective for slimming your thighs. To practice them, stand upright. Keep your back straight and move one of your legs forward as if you were taking a big step, about 90° apart from the other leg. Then bend the knee of the front leg. Move down until the knee of the back leg is a few centimetres off the ground, then slowly move back up, keeping your buttocks and thighs contracted. Then slowly pull yourself up, keeping your buttocks and thighs tight.

To strengthen your inner thighs, we advise you to do 4 series of 10 lunges on each side to start. To make this exercise even harder, you can accelerate the pace by doing the lunges by jumping, one side then the other, by doing 3 series of 30 seconds each.

Sumo squats

Sumo squats, also known as open squats, are perfect for strengthening the inner thighs and are also great for working the buttocks. To do this, in a standing position, spread your legs so that they are further apart than your shoulders to maximize the effects. Turn your feet outwards, then bend your legs and quickly move upwards.

Do this in 3 series of 30 movements. Once you are comfortable with this exercise, nothing prevents you from increasing the pace and the number of movements performed per set.

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The butterfly

Performed in a seated position, do not believe that the butterfly exercise is any less effective. To do this, bend your legs so that your heels touch and bring them as close as possible to your buttocks. Then beat your legs as if they were butterfly wings, bringing your knees closer to the ground with each beat. To maximize the work of the adductors and slim inner thighs quickly, proceed with 2 series of 1 minute each several times a week.


This is not a school exercise but an exercise designed to slim your thighs. The scissors consist of lying down with your arms positioned along your body and lifting your legs to 90° while crossing them repeatedly. Do sets of 50 repetitions, with a hydration break between each set.

Side bets

Perhaps the exercise of choice to say goodbye to touching thighs, the beats are done while lying down. On the right side, lean on your arm, putting your left hand in front of you. Then pass your left leg over your right leg, put your foot on the ground and slowly raise and lower your right leg. Do this in 3 series of 15 movements before changing sides.