Sodalite properties

Sodalite properties

Sodalite is a dark blue mineral with white veins. When it was discovered it was given this name in reference to its chemical composition, soda for sodium and from the Greek lithos stone. It is also called Alomite, Ditroite, Glaucolite.

Virtues in lithotherapy :

Availability on the market: important.
Observed price: low.
Effectiveness, availability and price are based on an observed average, these indications depend on people, sellers, periods.

Actions on the emotional and spiritual :

In lithotherapy it is a stone that soothes restless spirits. The soldalite strongly opens the third eye much more directly than the lapis lazuli of which it shares many properties, the action is fast but for certain sensitive people that can be too violent then it will be necessary for them to prefer the stone of lapis lazuli more progressive in its actions. It can be used to strongly open the extra-sensory capacities of clairvoyance, mink.

Actions on the physical:

The sodalite acts beneficially on hypertension by making fall the tension, of this fact it will be to be avoided with the hypotensive ones. It regulates the thyroid glands, it relieves the eyes, fills the deficiencies in calcium. It lowers fevers, lowers blood pressure, sodalite could be used to promote healing of radiation damage.

Purification and recharging :

After a while the stone has given all the energy it could, it can be energetically purified by depositing it on a bed of coarse salt for several hours or by immersing it for several hours in non-calcareous water. For more efficiency it can then be charged in the sun or in natural light.

Zodiac signs for which the need for this stone is potentially the most important:
Leo, Capricorn, Sagittarius.

Associated main chakra:
5 th throat chakra and 6 th forehead chakra.

Lithotherapy is part of alternative energy therapies, it does not replace so-called modern medicine, the indications given are drawn from feedback from users, cultures, and reference books in the field. For any medical problem please consult your doctor.

Mineralogy :

Colours of the mineral dark blue with white shades.
Its chemical composition is a chlorinated sodium aluminum silicate with the chemical formula Na8Al6Si6O24Cl2.
Its crystallization is rhombohedral.
The mineral comes mainly from Greenland and Canada.
Sodalite is found in specialized shops in its raw state or polished, cut, made into pendants, bracelets, necklaces.