soup diet

The Soup diet : does it really work for weight loss?

To lose weight, soup is one of the dishes you can easily think of. The soup contains a lot of water and vegetables which provide plenty of essential nutrients. In order to be effective, you need to know when and how to eat it. Not all soups are beneficial, and you shouldn’t just go on a soup diet to lose weight either.

The benefits of soup for losing weight

Soup is a dish made up of vegetables and water, which makes it a very healthy meal at first glance. However, be careful not to eat just any soup. Make sure you buy your ingredients from organic markets, preferably so that you get the best products. This is because organic vegetables are healthy and natural, so they have all their nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. The nutrients they have are phytonutrients, which are only found in products of plant origin.

Another great advantage of homemade soup is that it has a detoxifying effect on the body. The water and the fiber it provides to the body help eliminate waste and toxins from the body, boosting the emunctories. These emunctories are the body’s filters, and the kidneys are particularly solicited by the consumption of drinks such as soups.

Which soup to choose to lose weight?

Soup is very effective for weight loss because it contains no fat or sugar. Prepare them yourself and incorporate your favorite vegetables into your preparation.

Don’t buy soups in supermarkets. These products are usually highly processed and contain large amounts of sugar, fat and salt. These soups are therefore no longer allies for weight, but enemies.

But soup also has a disadvantage. It’s not a satisfying dish. Soup does not satisfy hunger, so you need to make sure you add the elements it lacks: protein and starchy foods. You can, for example, eat a piece of bread, as well as white meat, which will not be fattening. You can also add small croutons of bread or vermicelli to your soup. This will be effective in bringing you satiety.

Soup is a light dish, it does not calm hunger. If you don’t add other foods to the dish, you risk feeling hungry and eating foods that are too high in fat and sugar between meals.

When should you eat soup to lose weight?

You can choose soup to lose weight at dinner. This meal is the last meal of the day, it should be light, but still, allow you to last until the next meal. At night, the body is at rest, which is why it is often advised not to eat too much in the evening.

However, avoid a soup diet over the long term. To prevent your body from thinking it is in a phase of “restriction”, you need to eat something else. Soup is a liquid meal, very beneficial for weight loss, but it is better to eat it occasionally or on a short term basis.

You can make soup dinners to lose weight, but be careful not to do so for too long. A week will already be effective. If you feel the need, you can always do it again later, in the same way.

You also need to eat something other than soup, even if you are trying to lose weight. Also, prepare solid meals of healthy foods for lunch. They will also be very good for your body and help you lose weight

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