Which sports can help gain weight ?

Which sports can help gain weight ?

It is common to think that people who decide to “get into sports” want to lose weight but this is not the reality. Many people choose sports to gain weight. Which sports are good for weight gain and how often do you do them?

Weight training, the ideal sport for weight gain

Weight training is undoubtedly the best ally of weight gain, especially because muscle is heavier than fat. By gaining muscle mass, the practitioner will gain weight without becoming fat, provided that his diet is adapted to weight gain.
Indeed, experienced bodybuilders are used to saying that “70% of the work is done on the plate”, i.e. you have to choose foods that are good for the body, such as vegetables and fruit, and have enough protein, carbohydrates and lipids. The principle of weight gain in weight training is simple: your body must perform an “anabolism” to make your muscle bigger, for example by eating more calories than you spend.
A muscle-building program can be done over 4 days, working a different muscle group and its antagonistic muscles at each session. To make it more concrete, the week can be organized as follows:

  • Monday: Pectorals and triceps
  • Tuesday: Back and Biceps
  • Wednesday: Rest
  • Thursday: Shoulders and trapeziums
  • Friday: Legs
  • Saturday, Sunday: Rest


It is also possible to add abdominal workouts on days off or a cardio workout (such as running) to keep your heart healthy. Be careful not to do too much cardio when gaining weight, as it promotes weight loss.
For people who have no experience in weight training, the practice has grown in recent years and there are many websites to learn how to do the exercises correctly, without injuring or damaging the joints. Also, many video explanations are available on Youtube.

Which other sports should I choose?

Weight training seems to be the most judicious choice but other sports exist to help build muscle mass, such as swimming or athletics.
Indeed, athletics and especially its throwing disciplines promote strength gain and therefore, the development of muscle fibers. The other disciplines of running or jumping promote explosiveness and can lead to weight gain, but are not primarily to be chosen.
Finally, swimming, it makes all the muscles of the body work at the same time and then can help to gain weight. You just have to be careful not to practice it too often, because swimming causes a large caloric expenditure.

In conclusion: Training, eating, resting

Regardless of the sport chosen from among those presented below, the principle is always the same. You must train seriously, taking care to perform the best movements to optimize the work of your body and protect it from injury.
Also, the diet must be adapted to achieve anabolism. Fatty foods must be avoided because if they don’t make you gain muscle, they will make you gain fat, which is not the goal.
Finally, for the body to fatten its muscle fibers and repair them, it is necessary to rest. Sleeping 7H30 to 8H30 per night promotes recovery and therefore the building of muscle mass.

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