Does swimming make you lose weight?

Does swimming make you lose weight?

You have made the ultimate decision to lose weight by swimming. However, you are still hesitating because you don’t know if this sport will help you lose those extra pounds. Don’t hesitate any longer, opt for relaxation and fitness. Read all our tips to find out whether swimming is a good way to lose weight.

Swimming to lose weight, how does it work?

It can never be said enough that to lose weight, it is necessary to do regular sports activities and have a healthy and balanced diet. Swimming is a complete sport whose practice helps to work all parts of the body. Swimming helps you to lose weight provided that it is practiced at a moderate intensity for at least 30 minutes per session.

The final result depends on the objectives you have set yourself and the seriousness with which you observe your sports program. Going to the pool once or twice a week and swimming for 1 hour can help you lose an average of 500 calories. Swimming is one of the best sports after running and cycling to burn calories efficiently. All in all, yes, swimming makes you lose weight. However, the cure for this lies in consistency and personal effort.

Swimming exercises to lose weight

To achieve your goal of a perfect body and harmonious muscle development, it is important to vary swimming exercises. Take advantage of your swimming moments to discover new moments of pleasure. The swimming pool is a pleasant place to rest and the water in the pool helps to shape the body and make the joints more flexible. Breaststroke, crawl and aquarium are the recommended exercises to lose weight quickly when you go swimming.

Breaststroke and back crawling help melt fat at the hips and inner thighs. These movements also help to sculpt the arms to make them more toned. By using a fin and aboard, you will work more effectively on your buttocks, hips and calves. For better endurance and more breath, vary the paces by alternating slow and fast swimming.

Aquagym is also an excellent sport for slimming your figure. Water jogging will help you to follow group training sessions in a friendly atmosphere.

Eat a balanced diet

The benefits of swimming are numerous when combined with a healthy, balanced diet. It is not enough to swim for hours without paying attention to your diet. What you eat before and after physical exertion plays a decisive role in your metabolism. We advise you to favor protein-rich foods, raw vegetables, legumes and fruit. Drinking plenty of water and avoiding snacking also helps to maintain an ideal weight.

On the other hand, fatty foods should be avoided. Avoid eating foods rich in fat before entering the pool, otherwise, you may suffer discomfort. Continue your physical efforts after swimming. In addition to swimming, go for a walk or a bike ride and don’t neglect the quality of your meals.
For an adapted slimming program, nothing should be left out. Swimming helps you to lose weight, but following a strict diet will help you to maintain your figure over the long term.

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