Thermal cure to lose weight is it really effective

Thermal cure to lose weight: is it really effective?

Thermal cures are now very much in vogue. They are known and recognized for their effectiveness, but also for the well-being they provide. Indeed, these cures are not only intended to promote weight loss; they also allow the patients to feel better in their skin and their head and to achieve a better lifestyle.
But are they effective?

What is a spa treatment?

A spa cure for weight loss consists of different treatments, each adapted to your specific needs. For this, a first appointment with the referring doctor will be necessary. He only will be able to give precise information on your needs, naturally, but also on the functioning of the cure. Within a cure, the first advantage is the follow-up. You are not alone but surrounded by other patients as well as health professionals who are at your side every day.

Thermal cures aim to put you in the best conditions to lose weight without risk and, above all, to feel good. For many people, losing weight is synonymous with restrictions and frustration. This is why it can be difficult to motivate yourself by being alone.

The treatments offered in the cures are pleasant and the physical activities are fun. This allows people who are not used to sports to find pleasure despite everything. Also, the fact of being in a group, together and united towards the same common goal offers possibilities of rapprochement. This makes the treatment easier. It is always more enjoyable and easier to motivate others.


Anyone can go to a weight-loss cure if they feel the need to do so, whether they have a lot or little weight to lose. Beyond the “slimming” aspect that the cure offers, there are also other essential elements to consider:

  • Learning (or relearning) a healthy and balanced diet,
  • Acceptance of yourself and your body,
  • Rediscover the pleasure of eating with a clear conscience.

These cures take place in thermal cure centers, where the patients are accommodated nearby so that they can easily reach the treatments. A cure lasts three weeks in most centers. These twenty days are a moment dedicated to you. A moment of well-being, to think of you and to take advantage of the treatments that are proposed and prescribed by the doctor.
Some specialized treatment centers even offer different duration, adapted to each of you, depending on the results you are looking for, but also according to your health needs.

The course of the cure is the same for everyone, only the treatments change. The first appointment with the doctor is the key element, he gives the information, weighs and calculates the BMI to determine the necessary care.

You will be given a care plan and a booklet of healthy recipes (or a specific diet depending on the facility).
Throughout the cure, the doctor will see you regularly to review your progress with you.

What are the different types of care available?

A thermal slimming cure includes several treatments with different effects to promote weight loss as best as possible.


The role of this technique is to tone the muscles, by making them react to electrical stimulation. This concept is all the more interesting as it allows the muscles to be worked intensively and in a balanced way thanks to electrodes placed on various parts of the body.

This device has the effect of stimulating the muscles and toning them. Within a thermal cure to lose weight, it combines with other methods to develop the body in depth and sculpt it.
One last precision? Twenty minutes of electrostimulation would be equivalent to four hours of training in a gym.

Slimming wraps

It’s all in the active ingredients (the products) that these wraps contain. They have indeed slimming properties but also draining to allow the elimination of toxins and stimulating.
The body is then wrapped in a plastic film, which ensures sweating and, a fortiori, the fat-burning effect. A heating blanket can also be applied to reinforce this effect. The slimming effect is of course proven, but also the drainage of toxins as well as the penetration of active ingredients into the body will stimulate the organism.

Body contouring

As its name suggests, its role is to reshape the body (or a part of it) using techniques, surgical or not, to improve it.
The buttocks, hips, chest or thighs are particularly concerned by remodeling. There are two types of remodeling: invasive, which requires surgery, and non-invasive, which does not. In spa treatment, it is the non-invasive technique that is used thanks to lasers, peelings, or thermae.
This allows you to gently reshape the desired body part so that it corresponds more closely to your expectations.


Massages can stimulate areas of the body and thus activate the elimination of fat. They are more or less intense depending on the needs :

  • Feeling-rolling,
  • Kneading,
  • The suction cups,
  • Lymphatic drainage.

There are many different massage techniques for weight loss effects. It is the combined movements and pressures that will act on the tissues and mainly on the fat cells, the adipocytes, allowing the slimming.

Saunas, jacuzzis and hammams

Here, it is the heat that will act on the body. Sweating, the act of sweating, also has a double effect: draining and detoxifying while losing calories. This loss is, of course, very important in a spa treatment to lose weight.

Saunas, jacuzzis, and hammams also allow you to get rid of excess salt, which is responsible for water retention. You, therefore, have the calories burned as well as a certain deflation during these sessions, which is not negligible.

Naturally, in a thermal cure, these techniques are added to more or less intense physical activities as well as a healthy, balanced, and varied diet. It is the addition of all these daily gestures that will have a revolutionary effect on your body and your organism as a whole. These cures offer you the opportunity to gain new (and good) lifestyle habits in addition to a body in better shape and health.

A cure to lose weight, a good idea?

Integrating a slimming cure will allow you to lose weight, thanks to the various treatments and activities available in spas, but not only. A spa cure is also about learning better lifestyle habits to have a healthy lifestyle once the cure is over. The MaaThermes study proved the effectiveness of these cures over three weeks.

It offers you the opportunity to change your life, to take yourself completely in hand, to better accept and appreciate yourself. Because a cure, beyond slimming, is also taking care of yourself. You will come out of it with better well-being, a different vision of yourself and certain physical results.

Besides, the costs of these cures can be covered by the Health Insurance, a cure ranging from a fixed price of about one hundred euros and up to five hundred depending on the duration, but also the sessions are chosen.
Fortunately, today, you have the possibility of reimbursement, these cures are often a chance to regain health and well-being.

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