Negative Calorie Foods

Top 10 Negative Calorie Foods

Is it possible to eat foods with negative calories? Yes and we will introduce you ten of them in this section.

Negative calorie foods, what are they?

Saying that a food may be negative calorie may at first glance seem a bit far-fetched. Calories are physical units that cannot be negative. Therefore, no food can be considered a negative calorie.

And yet the principle of negative calorie foods is well-founded. It refers to food products that are so light that the energy needed to digest them is greater than the number of calories they provide to the body. These foods are rather interesting as part of a diet. They allow you to burn a maximum number of calories and at the same time enjoy them. We’ve found ten of them for you.


The ultimate negative-calorie vegetable. Delicious raw or cooked, its other main advantage is that it reduces the number of blood triglycerides. It, therefore, reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol.



Asparagus is not one of the most popular vegetables, but with its 17 kcal per 100 grams, it requires more energy to digest than it provides. It is also known for its diuretic and draining properties which make it an excellent detox vegetable.


The carrot

In addition to being a pleasant accompaniment to everyday dishes, carrot juice (added to orange, grapefruit juice or fruits with negative calories) makes an excellent detox product. Also, the production of beta-carotene that the carrot causes provides the skin with the protection it needs.


Celery root

When you want to get rid of extra kilos, it is imperative to think of including in your menu this very light negative calorie food (35 kcal per 100 grams). It absorbs and annihilates fat from the stomach before the body assimilates it.


The Lemon

The caloric intake of this fruit remains very low but its vitamin C intake is very high. Lemon is the best ally for digestion, regulation of blood glucose level, and detoxification of the liver. It also knows how to spice up our good little dishes like no other.



It is not only fruit and vegetables which are part of calorie-negative foods, but also liquids. Water does not contain any calories but requires our body to expend energy. Water also helps to eliminate toxins from the body and to reduce water retention.



This delicious little red fruit with negative calories is sweet but very low in calories (30 kcal/100 grams). It is rich in water, moisturizing, thirst-quenching, diuretic, it acts advantageously on the hepatic functions of the body. Strawberries can also be included in a mono-diet of about twenty days to detoxify the body.



It is a vegetable that we are wrong to sulk about because it is excellent for our health and our body Very light (34 kcal/100 grams), it detoxifies the body and loves to chase away the body’s fat cells. Rich in vitamin C, minerals, and trace elements, it also helps to lower blood sugar levels.



When the warm season returns, we love to bite into this refreshing fruit, bursting with water, vitamin B, protein, and fiber. In addition to its very low caloric intake, which makes it an ideal negative calorie food product, it acts as a real booster for the body.



With only 50 kcal per 100 grams, apples are also calorie-negative food. Particularly rich in fiber (especially pectin), its main advantages are that it promotes intestinal transit and quickly satisfies the hunger, which is very practical when you want to lose a few kilos.


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