5 exercises summer body

5 exercises to have the ultimate summer body

With the warm weather coming up, the small and recurring seasonal pressure starts to reappear at the tip of your nose. We already imagine ourselves at the beach, enjoying the sun and a well-deserved swim in the sea, but the idea of finding ourselves in a swimsuit in front of all the holidaymakers, after long months where tartiflette and sauerkraut have been widely consumed, becomes almost unbearable. That’s when we tell ourselves that it might be time to get some exercise and get back into shape. Here are 5 exercises to remedy this problem and that will allow you to have a dream body this summer.

Make squats for firm buttocks and thighs

Squats are exercises to be practiced every day. In the beginning, start with a small series, then increase the pace as the days go by. It is a very effective exercise to strengthen the muscles of the buttocks and thighs. Not only will you work on your balance, mobility, and reduce the risk of joint injury, but you’ll also get closer and closer to the perfect body you dream of having this summer.

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Draw your abs with crunches

Simple and effective, you’ll be able to bring out your “6 pack” if you work on your crunches assiduously. If your goal is to have a beautiful body, this is surely one of the exercises you will immediately think of. Very practical, the movement presents no complexity, except that you need to be motivated to practice them with a certain regularity.

Sheathing for an effective sports program

You will stimulate the deep muscles of your body in a static movement. A successful sheathing posture allows you to achieve fabulous results. Having a dream body does not go without going through this practice. A firm silhouette, a strengthened back, a flat stomach, toned thighs and buttocks, that’s what a well-rounded body sculpting program promises you. A perfect body requires some effort, so start by practicing the board, the most well-known sheathing posture. Increase the level of difficulty step by step.

For well-shaped arms, make dips

Also known as rear pumps, dips are practiced to strengthen the arms and especially the triceps. By having a sporting spirit, you will also be able to make your pectorals swell. No dream body with fat hanging off your arm, impose yourself dips sessions to develop and tone your muscles.

Scissors, fat burners

Burn off excess calories quickly with this easy exercise. Like all sports, breathing is a key element to success. The abdomen, the obliques (waist muscles) and the core muscles are the parts of your body that are called upon when performing scissors. You will build up your body in depth, strengthen your abs and work the back of your thighs. To have the beautiful body you deserve, you now know what you have to do. Practice all these exercises at your own pace, be careful not to hurt yourself. Start with a small series that you will take care of to increase gently, as you go along. Your dream body is just waiting for you, the beach and the swimsuit won’t even scare you anymore.