Urinating makes you lose weight

Urinating makes you lose weight: true or false?

Some people will do anything to lose weight. But is drinking liters and liters of water to lose a few pounds healthy and does urinating make you lose weight? Do you lose fat when you pee? That is what we will see in this article.

Why are we urinating?

While functioning, our body produces waste products. These pass through the bloodstream. If too much of it accumulates in the bloodstream, it could be toxic. So our body has to get rid of it. The blood is then filtered. The result will be, on the one hand, toxin-free blood that will go back into the blood vessels, and on the other hand, waste products that will be evacuated in the form of urine.

Our body eliminates water every day through breathing, perspiration, stool and especially urine. It is a mixture of water and waste products whose yellow color is given to it by the urea present in the blood. Doctors recommend that we drink 2 liters of water per day on average, to promote a good evacuation of toxins through the urine.

Normal urination is also essential to prevent water retention in the body, to thin the blood and to regulate blood pressure. Water intake is essential for the formation of urine. Drinking more water to urinate more heavily helps to drain the body as a whole. But does urinate more frequently than usual increase our chances of losing weight effectively?

Urinating makes you lose weight: true or false?

When we go to the toilet to pee, we eliminate water and organic waste, as mentioned above. Filtered by the kidneys, these wastes come mainly from the degradation of proteins. Also, urine may contain sugar in the case of diabetes. Since excessive salt intake causes water retention, less peeing can result in an extra one to three kilograms of weight gain.

As the water is no longer retained in the body, the weight drops. It is precisely this natural process in the body that makes many people believe that urinating makes you lose weight. But this is completely false. It is wrong to think so. The elimination of urine is only related to the concentration of organic waste. It does not contribute to the loss of fat. To lose weight, only fat must be reduced.

How can you lose weight effectively?

To lose weight effectively, change your eating habits and engage in regular physical activity. The more you adopt a healthy, balanced diet and provide your body with beneficial nutrients, the more likely you are to lose weight. Some calorie intakes, i.e. fats and fast sugars, need to be reduced. As well as sweetened soft drinks, alcohols and beer. Choose the vitamins and minerals contained in seasonal fruit and vegetables; good cholesterol from oilseeds: avocados, nuts, olives, almonds, rapeseed, hazelnuts, etc.; complex sugars from starchy foods (sweet potatoes, yams, potatoes, cassava, pulses, etc.) and a little animal protein.

Does urinating make you lose weight? No. Forcing you to drink several liters of water to cause constant urination will not do you much good. On the other hand, drinking lots of water can help you keep your figure, get rid of water retention and say goodbye to bloating and swollen legs. Urinating doesn’t make you lose weight directly, but rather indirectly. By peeing normally you help your body to function properly in terms of hormones, digestion, and elimination of toxins. In this way, your body will burn more fat.